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Former EastEnders heart-throb Nigel Harman is looking very different now

We don’t think we’ll ever forget the truly tragic moment Dennis Rickman died in Sharon’s arms all those years ago in EastEnders – but what’s become of actor Nigel Harman now?
Is he still breaking hearts left, right and centre?

Well yes, probably, but he’s doing so with a brand new hair style that we’re not sure we would have ever expected. (From Dennis, at least.) Yes, in a true man ages, grows hair shocker, Nigel has been spotted with a look a long way from Walford at a performance of Agatha Christie’s Witness for the Prosecution this month.
Image: Rex/ Shutterstock

Nigel has had a very successful career since leaving EastEnders back in 2005, but we’ll always remember him as the East End bad boy who managed to floor Phil Mitchell with just one punch. Oh, and the whole marrying his sort-of sister thing. Awkward.

Since moving on from soapland, Nigel has performed onscreen and on-stage, mostly recently playing the role of Bradley Dawson in Sky One’s Mount Pleasant. Former EastEnders heart-throb Nigel Harman is looking very different now
Nigel in EastEnders. Image: BBC

The actor has also had a good run in the West End, starring in a revival of Guys and Dolls and as Lord Farquaad in Shrek the Musical, for which he won an Olivier Award. But despite his post-EastEnders success, we’re still holding out for a Dennis Rickman comeback. Well, his dad did manage to come back from the dead after all, so why not him?

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