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Fortnite Skins leaked in 3.6.0 for April

We have a treat for Fortnite players now as some upcoming content has been revealed from leaked in-game files within the latest 3.6.0 patch. Thanks to the findings from Storm Shield One, we know that two new character skins are on the way, these being the SteelSight and the Brite Gunner skins – both being Epic rarity. Also revealed in the Fortnite 3.6.0 leaked files are SteelCast, Global Axe and Squat Kick, all Epic rarity as well.

You can check out a full list of skins over on the Storm Shield One database here, this handy tracker will always keep you updated on future skins too when 3.7.0 releases so let us know if you discover anything early.

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