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Heidelberger Spielev Erlag HEILU031 – Ice Flow, German Rules – Reduced

Heidelberger Spielev Erlag HEILU031 – Ice Flow, German Rules
Race your explorers across the Bering Strait from Alaska to Siberia — riding ice floes dodging polar bears and collecting useful items en route. The first to arrive in Siberia with three explorers intact is the winner!


  • Age range: 10 and up / Number of players: 2 to 4 / Play time: 60
  • Manufacturer: Ludorum Games
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1 Response

  1. MPB says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Heidelberger Spielev Erlag HEILU031 - Ice Flow, German Rules (CM© toy)

    This game is all about getting your explorers across the Bering Strait from Alaska to Siberia. The board game itself is very good quality, there are ice bergs/blocks made from good plastic and the rest of the counters are all wood making it very durable. The game needs some setting up before the actual play with each player in turn placing ice blocks in various parts of the game board with different things on top of the ice blocks: rope, fish, polar bear or nothing at all.

    The game can be played by 2-4 players with every player controlling 3 explorers. You have to get your explorers from Alaska to the camps in Siberia. Each turn you choose an explorer to move and try to cross over the water. Your explorers can only cross onto ice bergs using rope to climb onto them or fish to swim across water to reach them. There are also polar bears to watch out for while crossing from one side to the other. Every turn you also move one of the ice bergs around making it easier for you to move your explorers, or harder for your opponents.

    The whole game is actually very fun once you get to grips with the rules. Although the rules will take a couple of reads to properly get the gameplay, please don’t be put off by this as once you understand the game, it’s actually quite easy to play and a lot of fun, especially when there are too many explorers in one area of the board.

    The game has a bit of education in teaching you the camps in Siberia and Alaska and the island situated in the middle of the Bering Strait. It’s also good at making you think, you can’t just randomly move your explorers around the board you have to think about the route and set it up before hand. The game is also great quality and I have to say I always love the smell of wooden counters. The whole game will take more than 30 minutes to play but can be shortened by only trying to get 2 explorers across. The game that I bought in a shop also had instructions in 3 languages: English, German and French (Not sure about the german, may be Spanish-will check this and confirm it soon!).

    Overall the game is great fun to play and will appeal to any age! I’d recommend for anyone just beware you’ll have to read the instructions a couple of times, but with clear instructions on glossy coloured paper with pictures explaining everything it’s not too challenging! Great fun!

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