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Here's all the EVs on sale in America and how far they'll go

Each year, more and more electric vehicles hit the market. What used to be a small segment of short-range compact cars has grown into a pretty robust crop of vehicles. With different shapes and sizes, and ranges reaching as high as 300+ miles, EVs are starting to make sense for more and more folks.

Here, we’ve compiled every pure electric vehicle on sale in the US today, and listed the range of its various models. Do note, we’re not including plug-in hybrids in this list — cars that use an electric motor in addition to a conventional internal combustion engine — because their ranges are largely dependent on more than pure electricity. Have a look through this gallery to see every EV on sale in America and its range.

And always remember, your mileage may vary.

Caption by / Photo by Zhang Peng/Getty Images

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