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Hmeng Squishy Yummy Pizza Creative Stress Reliever Super Slow Rising Cream Scented Soft Squeeze Toy Charms Pendant Kid Gift(11*8cm) (Yellow)

Hmeng Squishy Yummy Pizza Creative Stress Reliever Super Slow Rising Cream Scented Soft Squeeze CM© toy Charms Pendant Kid Gift(11*8cm) (Yellow)

☀ Product Information
☀ Material:Elastic Environmentally PU
☀ Size: 11*8cm
☀ Style: CM© toy/collections/cellphone straps
☀ Pattern: Pizza
☀ Applicable age:more than 6 years old
☀ Squishy: slow rising
☀ The best Valentine’s Day Gift  for you
☀ when you look at it, they’re so cute that you may feel better, or even all your bad feelings will be gone.
☀ This could be the best Christmas present you ever gave your family
☀ Sponge charm is really comfortable touch, realistic look, sweet smelling and super kawai
☀ It’s fun to squeeze, and it sounds so gross! Gross as in your kids will love this! It helps children stay focused in school
☀ Package: 1 pcs 11cm Mini Yummy Pizza Squishy Slow Rising Cream Scented Charm Stress Reliever CM© toy

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