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Masterchef viewers label semi-finals “unfair” over cauliflower incident

Tonight saw the four remaining Masterchef contestants take on their biggest challenge yet.
For the semi-final, Alex, Kenny, Nawamin and David had to master a dish from a Michelin-starred chef.

Gregg Wallace and John Torode introduced tthe semi final guest; Ashley Palmer-Watts, Chef Director of Dinner by Heston, which has two Michelin stars. Ashley has worked alongside Heston Blumenthal for 18 years, so it was only fair that the dishes were a bit… different.

Each contestant was given a recipe for one of the dishes from Dinner by Heston – and each one was roughly 15 pages.

Finals Week = one very tense @JohnTorode1 #MasterChefUK pic.twitter.com/x52VapZjj4

— MasterChef UK (@MasterChefUK) April 12, 2018

And the five hours (yep, they had five hours to cook the meal) had lots of ups, downs and raised eyebrows – but viewers lost it when we realised that Kenny had forgotten his cauliflower in the oven…

#Masterchef #MasterchefUK Nooooo Kenny the Cauliflower!!!

— ???Zibbles Zeb??? (@ZibblesSez) April 12, 2018

Where is the Cauliflower ??? ??#MasterChefUK

— Esi Nedo #FBPE (@EOkenesi) April 12, 2018

Worried the cauliflower has done it for Kenny ??#MasterChefUK #masterchef

— Natalie Warner (@berylliantknits) April 12, 2018

In fact, some questioned how fair it was that the assistant didn’t remind Kenny about his cauliflower, but reminded Alex to take her octopus out of the oven…

#MasterChefUK I’m so annoyed how unfair !!! #cauliflowergate

— Jane Perrett (@janemperrett) April 12, 2018

Oh, he reminds her about her octopus! #MasterChefUK #cauliflowergate

— colin wyatt (@colwyatt) April 12, 2018

Sorry did he just remind Alex about her octopus but didn’t remind Kenny about his cauliflower?!
First Moonira now Kenny, this is rigged #MasterChefUK

— Morgan (@M_o_r_g_a) April 12, 2018

But they tell Alex to get the octopus out of the oven. Biased. I’ve gone right off #MasterchefUK

— Nicki Hughes (@WaysideHealer) April 12, 2018


So, ‘Chef’ reminded Alex to get her octopus out of the oven, but didn’t tell Kenny to do the same with his cauliflower? Hmmm! #MasterChefUK

— Kate Mullen (@NinjaArkRock) April 12, 2018

#MasterChefUK little unfair to remind Alex about her Octopus but leave Kenny’s in the oven !!!!

— Jane Perrett (@janemperrett) April 12, 2018

That little chef says ‘time to get your octopus ‘ but couldn’t say ‘time to get your cauliflower’? Is this fixed ? #masterchefuk

— tony3 (@calder_anthony) April 12, 2018

And that wasn’t the only talking point of the night.

Viewers weren’t impressed when they realised that the tweezers were making a comeback to serve up food…

When did putting food on a plate with tweezers become the norm?!? #MasterChefUK #BiggerPortionPlease

— Darren Dutton (@DazzoD1) April 12, 2018

#MasterChefUK I’m sorry but any meal you have to plate up using tweezers is a step too far.

— John Parkins (@johngpuk) April 12, 2018

How many home cooks use a pair of tweezers when putting food on a plate ?? #MasterChefUK

— Nikki Davies (@Nikki_D72) April 12, 2018

“How do you make a pile of rice look elegant…?” I dunno, plate it up using tweezers?

So pretentious ??#MasterChefUK

— Robz (@robzlon) April 12, 2018

Here a tiny plate of tiny food that’s so tiny you have to serve it with tiny tweezers….but here’s your massive bill! #masterchefuk #tinybitpretentious

— Mrs L (@Carollam62) April 12, 2018

Then, others couldn’t hack watching Alex prepare the octopus…

I don’t like octopus. #MasterChefUK

— Victoria Thomas (@VictoriaThoma17) April 12, 2018

Octopus cooked in a water bath??? ?????? #MasterChefUK

— Anita | *TigridiaPhotos* (@TigridiaPhotos) April 12, 2018

#MasterChefUK . See that #octopus? No way would I eat that, it’s like eating an alien.

— Nicecupofteaandcake (@Emilybronte53) April 12, 2018

That octopus is turning my stomach on #MasterChefUK … no doubt Greg Wallace will lap the plate.

— David Evans ???? (@DREvo_7) April 12, 2018

While others had never heard of meat glue powder (neither have we, to be fair…)

Could you tell me which aisle your meat glue powder is? #masterchefuk

— Brian Force-Plus For that January lift! (@bearingwest) April 12, 2018

#MasterChefUK I’ve just called Waitrose and they don’t have any meat glue, where shall I try next B&Q?

— John Parkins (@johngpuk) April 12, 2018

Meat powder glue … who knew!#MasterChefUK

— brian fortune (@BrianFortune00) April 12, 2018


Glue. Powder. You heard it hear first @MasterChefUK #MasterChefUK pic.twitter.com/h8SvyCQusD

— Bells Hells (@bblace) April 12, 2018

#MasterChefUK meat glue powder??!!


— allison harrington (@_allierose_) April 12, 2018

Meat glue powder? Really does such a thing exist #MasterChefUK

— wildes cheese (@wildescheese) April 12, 2018

Some couldn’t believe that Nawamin had to stand there and de-shell peas…

Life is too short to peel peas ??#MasterChefUK #MasterChef

— trish (@trishtrickey) April 12, 2018

Peeled peas? Do we need peeled peas? #MasterChefUK

— Ruth Owen (@ruth1722) April 12, 2018

The precision with the whole peeling individual peas and making gels out of cucumber just seems a bit silly to me !

Sorry! #MasterChefUK don’t get me started on foam!! So pretentious! ??

— KC (@queenofwands89) April 12, 2018

Peeled peas???? Who peels peas??? ?? #MasterChefUK ?? ?? ??

— Tina’s Cakes (@Chococake46) April 12, 2018

Just get some bloody Bird’s Eye peas!

Nobody will know the difference! #MasterChefUK

— Stuart Hardaker (@mrstu011983) April 12, 2018

What a faff!!!!!!!!! #MasterchefUK

— Who’s asking? (@HaroldShand1979) April 12, 2018

Never is there a reason to peel a pea, I tell you that now @MasterChefUK #MasterChefUK #Masterchef

— Bella (@ziabell) April 12, 2018

‘Peeled peas’??? ??????????????#MasterChefUK

— Felicity BAUMFLOUGH #FBPE (@Baumflough) April 12, 2018

#MasterchefUK I know 100% I will never ever ever ever bother shell peas when I can get lovely frozen ones!

— Tara (@Tbirdflieshigh) April 12, 2018

Masterchef continues tomorrow (Friday 13th) at 8.30pm on BBC One, when one contestant will be named the winner of Masterchef 2018.

Good Housekeeping has contacted BBC One for comment about “unfair” claims. MORE: 17 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT MASTERCHEF Like this?

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