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Midnight Malice – murder mystery game for 6 players

Midnight Malice - murder mystery game for 6 players
It is a dark and murky night in 1939. Count and Countess Nobbinovich are hosting their annual midnight supper at their grand estate on Nobbin Hill.

To everyone’s shock, their cook, Borstchta Tvarski, is found dead in the kitchen.

All is not what it seems to be.

Can you help Inspector Claude Cluesnot solve this quandary and point the finger at one of the illustrious suspects before the food or the blood is cold?

This is one mystery that could be a case of…Midnight Malice!

The suspects:

Ihav A. Nobbinovich – Russian Count and host of tonight’s Midnight Supper.
Iphelia Nobbinovich – Russian Countess and wife of Ihav.
Dickie Charles – Self-made millionaire and amateur tennis player
Dora Charles – Wife of Dickie
Peter Rotteroff – An International Chess Champion
Idmira M. Nees – Star showgirl with the New York Rockettes


This game contains content that may be suitable for persons ages 18 and older. This game contains:

Mature Humour – Depictions or dialogue involving “adult” humour, including sexual references and innuendo
Sexual Themes – Depictions of complex relationships and mention of having a child out of wedlock.
A murder – violence suggested.


  • 6 character booklets and name labels
  • 6 invitations and envelopes
  • CD and script of inspector (which means you can invite an extra guest if wished)
  • Full instructions
  • After sales support
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1 Response

  1. Nickel says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Midnight Malice – murder mystery game for 6 players (CM© toy)

    An easy to use, adaptable murder mystery event. The booklets make it clear what you are supposed to do and when, building the evening through revealing clues to the conclusion where you guess the murderer.

    All our party made an effort to dress up and join in, and we had plenty of props to add atmosphere (not difficult – use masking tape for the outline of the murder victim, a bottle of Russian Standard vodka (because it uses cyrillic script), a borrowed set of Russian dolls) and a russian themed meal. All these ideas, by the way, are included in the very comprehensive booklet that also provides useful information on how to make your party go well.

    I would add that customer service from Jo Smedley (owner of […]) is extraordinarily good. Thoroughly recommended.

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