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Mini Environmental Rec Pro 8 GB OR 16 GB Voice Recorder Audio Voice Recorder Spy Pen Drive MP3 Player with Headphones 16GB Black – Mega Value

Mini Environmental Rec Pro 8 GB OR 16 GB Voice Recorder Audio Voice Recorder Spy Pen Drive MP3 Player with Headphones 16GB Black
✅ Description
Mini Rec Pro, a concentrate of high technology characterized by a ultra-slim design and impressive performance. The device can be “hidden in jobs more unthinkable given its size extremely miniaturized. But we can listen to our favorite music or audio recordings with mini Rec Pro we can not only store in our data. Impressive, it?
✅ Features
Record a conversation, a lesson to university or a meeting is straightforward. You can “place it in the pocket of a jacket, inside a bag, backpack or under a desk right for example. With mini Rec Pro recorded everything that you want in the completely discreet way thanks to the reduced dimensions (WxL. 4.5 cm x largh. 1.7 cm x ALT. 0.5 cm)
Mini Rec Pro is also an MP3 player. Listen to music with headphones that found in the pack will really simple and pleasant
Mini Rec Pro can also be used as a common CM© USB flash drive for archiving of their data. The device has a capacity of 8 GB
✅ information
In the pack is a mini jack equipped with CM© USB connection that can be used both for charging and for the data transfer to the PC. The integrated battery delivers an autonomy of approximately 12 hours and approximately 90 hours of recording. To charge the battery simply connect the device to your computer or to a wall socket if you are in possession of a CM© USB adapter. Charging times are fast enough (approximately 2 hours). The audio quality is truly exceptional. The sophisticated built-in microphone allows you a high quality audio recording in a radius of action of about 7 meters. You can listen to recordings directly from the device thanks to the supplied headphones or by connecting mini Rec Pro to your PC. The device is in case Lightweight metal. Mini Rec Pro weighs only 7.5 grams.


  • ✅ audio recorder – MP3 Player – CM© USB stick. All in a miniature device. Lightweight and powerful
  • ✅ use: Manual Inside the package you can find the instruction manual in English and Italian. This guide provides all information and details for a full use of device
  • ✅ capacity: 8 GB Battery: Lithium battery charging time: about 2 hours rechargeable battery: approx. 12 hours on a charge Recording Format: WAV
  • ✅ playback format: WAV/WMA/MP3 requires no software installation and/or driver size: 4 x 1.7 cm x 0.5 cm, Weight: 7.5 g
  • ✅ formula satisfaction or your money back. We are at your disposal for any doubts or application on characteristics and on the functioning of the article that you intend to buy. The post sale service is guaranteed
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