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MY DINOSAURS Realistic Animatronice Dinosaurs Costume for Sale

MY DINOSAURS Realistic Animatronice Dinosaurs Costume for Sale
The realistic costumes of Dinosaur can be quite scary, and there is a huge variety of them available in the market like you can buy out a Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus etc. It depends on your kid’s preference. As they are quite easily available. In addition to the same, you can also look for the same online as well if you get a good deal. So, do take the benefit of the online platform as you can explore the variety and have the best price in your lap too.


  • Main materials: High Quality Stainless Steel Frame, High Density Sponge, 3-4 Layers of Silicone Rubber, Painting.
  • Movements:Mouth open/close, Front claws scratch, Head turn up/down, Neck turn left/right, Eyes blink,Tail swing,Synchronized dinosaur roaring
  • Size: 4M Length, 1.9M Height for 170~190cm (5.58~5.9Ft) performer, or customize it according to the operator’s figures.
  • Feature: Outdoor or indoor, adapt to a temperature of -10°C to 40°C. Waterproof, sunproof, snowproof.
  • Styles: Hidden legs or visible legs
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