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MY DINOSAURS Realistic Baby Dinosaur Hand Puppet for Sale – Cut Rate

MY DINOSAURS Realistic Baby Dinosaur Hand Puppet for Sale
The animatronic puppet can accomplish many movements synchronized with the roaring voice. Our engineers’ high workmanship elaborately makes our products strikingly life-like and vivid. Take this big but cute baby dinosaur puppet back to entertain children. It can be used widely in many places, such as Parks, City Plaza, Cinema, Shopping Malls, School, Museums, Parties, etc.


  • Handmade arts, Light and Saft Materials.
  • Main materials: High Density Sponge, 3-4 Layers of Silicone Rubber, Painting.
  • Movements: Mouth open/close, Eyes Blink, Baby Dinosaur Roaring
  • Control Mode: Hand Control; Accessories: Power bank / Spare parts / Maintenance parts
  • Lead time: Within 15 days or depending on order quantity
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