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Nintendo may be redesigning Joy-Con for Switch

Nintendo may be redesigning Joy-Con for Switch

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller

Sean Hollister/CNET

Nintendo appears to be working on a new version of its Joy-Con game controllers to address wireless connectivity issues with its Switch game system.

Nintendo may be redesigning Joy-Con for Switch

From Nintendo’s filing with the FCC.


Since the Switch was released a year ago, Nintendo has been trying to resolve what’s colloquially known as the “left Joy-Con desync issue” through a variety of software fixes issued through several firmware updates. Nintendo isolated the problem to a hardware issue, suggesting users not operate the Switch near aquariums, microwaves or another wireless device. Now it appears Nintendo will try to resolve the connectivity issue by releasing a new version of the Joy-Con controller, according to a filing last week with the Federal Communications Commission.

The filing includes photos of a device and boards that resemble those in the current Joy-Con controller.

Nintendo didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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