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Nintendo Switch Virtual Console release date frustration

It has now been over a year since the Nintendo Switch launched, but sadly we have still had no confirmation from Nintendo on when the Switch Virtual Console release date will be for UK, US and the rest of Europe. If you ask Nintendo Switch owners what they would really like to see this year, many of them will say they want the Virtual Console and it’s strange to see Nintendo continue to ignore it despite the popularity of the VC on Wii U. Nintendo has not ignored the subject of retro games on the Switch however.

The company are still releasing classic Nintendo games onto the Switch with their Arcade Archives series – Punch Out being the most recent example. We also know that there will be an SNK 40th Anniversary Collection made available on Nintendo Switch too in Fall 2018.

So it’s clear that Nintendo are still adding retro titles to the Switch, they are just avoiding the idea of bringing the Virtual Console platform to the console for the moment.

Could Nintendo be possibly saving for an official announcement about the Virtual Console at E3 2018, or are they just not ready to bring it to the table yet? Some gamers also believe that the release of the NES Classic Mini and the SNES Classic consoles are Nintendo’s way of making up for the Virtual Console on Switch – what do you say to this? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

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