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Reeves Artist Gallery Deep Edge Canvas 14 x 10 inch – Bargain

Reeves Artist Gallery Deep Edge Canvas 14 x 10 inch
Reeves Artist Gallery Deep Edge Canvas 14 x 10 inch


  • Acrylic double primed
  • Acid free
  • Suitable for oil and acrylics
  • Size: 356 x 254 mm
  • 100 percent Cotton
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  1. DragonLady says:

    1 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Reeves Artist Gallery Deep Edge Canvas 12 x 10 inch (CM© toy)

    An artists canvas is hardly a CM© toy but Amazon still hasn’t seen fit to give “Arts and Crafts” it’s own section so the 1 star rating I have given it in all categories reflects the overall disappointment I felt on receiving this product.

    I brought a number of these as I noticed Amazon was selling them at an amazing 80% or so discount. When they arrived I realised why. All of the canvases arrived in a dusty and filthy condition, I had to wash my hands after unpacking them because my fingers were black. It really wouldn’t have taken more then a few moments to wipe them down with a clean cloth before they were packaged but obviously sending out clean products wasn’t high on Amazons priority list that day. The products were badly packaged with protective padding put on only half the sides of the box. As a result all but one of my canvases had dents in their wooden frames. Worst of all I suspect that those dents were gained before my items were posted as one of the canvases arrived with a 2 inch cut right through it’s centre. And I KNOW that it wasn’t damage done in transit because it was the canvas in the middle of the box which was cut and the canvas above and below were uncut. Therefore amazon sent that canvas to me knowing that it was damaged and just not caring that they were sending out faulty goods.

    And as if that wasn’t enough, Amazon also managed to send me the wrong product. I ordered 7 of these deep edge canvases and was given 6 deep edge canvases and 1 normal canvas. Again it would have taken only a moment to double check they were packaging the right item but ensuring accuracy must have been too much like work.

    Clearly these were damaged goods sitting at the back of a warehouse somewhere that Amazon wanted to get rid of so advertised them at a discounted price without informing potential buyers that the products were damaged. I am disgusted with the poor level of service I have received from Amazon on this product and will refrain from buying canvases from them in the future and I advise everyone else to do the same. They might be a little more expensive at your local art shop but at least you will be able to select a canvas free from dents and cuts. Absolutely disgusted.

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