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Spotify just got far better for free users

We’ve got some good news for non-paying Spotify users!
Often left behind when it comes to upgrades to the streaming services, free users will now be able to pick the songs they want to play in some select playlists in the Spotify mobile app.

Previously, only paying Spotify users had access to playing the songs they wanted to hear, with free listeners stuck with shuffle-only playlists. That’s not all, too. Spotify is rolling out a new ‘low-data’ mode that promises to cut data usage by a massive 75%.

It’s a big claim, and the quality of the audio will be reduced to achieve this reduction. This new feature will help users to not use up all of their monthly data allowance streaming songs! This will be especially for free users too, who aren’t allowed to download tracks for offline listening like their Premium counterparts.

The latest Spotify redesign isn’t giving users the same ability to play whatever they want on-demand as Premium users have, but it will give non-paying users a better experience with a selection of 15 personalised ‘Discovery’ playlists. It works out to roughly 750 songs that you’ll be able to play without shuffling.

Spotify’s 90 million free users will still have to endure adverts if they’re not paying for the GBP9.99 Premium tier, though. The update does still leave users at the whims of ‘Discovery’ algorithms, so it remains to be seen just how well personalised and well-liked the recommendations in the 15 playlists are. It would obviously be even better if free users could make playlists for themselves that aren’t stuck in ‘shuffle-only’ mode!

We still feel this change is a step in the right direction for music streaming and it could improve the Spotify experience for free members. Spotify just got far better for free users ‘We want users to have a great playlist experience,’ said Spotify’s Babar Zafar. ‘This is something that has never been done before for free.

The free version of Spotify is becoming a lot more like Premium.’

Spotify says it will fine-tune the playlists for each user by asking them to pick their favourite artists when they get started with the app, in a similar move to how Apple Music works.

The new update will be rolling out to both iPhone and Android users in the coming weeks.

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