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Umiin 3-in-1 Portable/ Travel High Chair + Toddler Safety Walking Harness + Shopping Cart Safety Strap,Lightweight & Washable (Navy Chevron)

Umiin 3-in-1 Portable/ Travel High Chair + Toddler Safety Walking Harness + Shopping Cart Safety Strap,Lightweight & Washable (Navy Chevron)
Do you want an easy carry kid safety seat belt? Meanwhile, you also need a toddler harness or shopping cart safety strap? UMIN 3 in 1 baby chair belt is the one that you are looking for:

– Portable High Chair/Travel Seat Belt. It fits for most of the chairs with different shape. You can use it at home or outside anywhere to keep your kid close.

– Baby Walker/ Toddler Harness. Safety harness keeps parent and child close and comfortable while out in public. It has a patented harness which is fully supported by the child’s torso not the sensitive lower stomach area. This is adjustable to fit chest size 14″ to 25.5″

-Shopping cart safety strap.

What added benefit you get when having a UMIN?

– It’s lightweight and space save in your bag.
– Breathable inner lining increases air flow, decreasing moisture buildup that causes discomfort.
– Stain resistant outer fabric is easy to clean, presenting a beautiful textile finish with long lasting durability.
– Strong Velcro ensures the strap is fastened securely at all times.
– Strap is with easily adjustable buckles made by eco-friendly material.
– Strap is long (29.5 in) enough to accommodate above-average height parents. –
Non-slipping loop design affords a greater hand grip.

Weight: 3.17oz
Package weight: 6.7oz


  • Portable High Chair/Travel Seat Belt. Be guests at a friend’s house but no high chair for a kiddie? You can make it easier for both of you. You can apply this product on most regular chairs and turn it into a portable high chair. Kids can have their meals securely with the chair belt protection.
  • Shopping Cart Safety Strap. Removable wrist protection provides comfortable use. It could be very securer when you use it on the shopping chart.
  • Toddler Harness. Toddlers can be guided and watched well while they’re learning to walk. Please make sure the “T” part is rolled up.
  • It is made of waterproof fabric. It is light and breathable, easy to put in your purse to go! Cleaning the harness is extremely simple: just wipe it with a cloth. It’s light and airy. It’s adjustable and can be used on many kids. From 6-month-old infants to 6 year-old toddlers.
  • After-sale service: 30 days return, 90 days free replacement.
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