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Westworld fans rejoice: Hulu cuts HBO price to $5 per month

HBO’s Westworld will enter its second season in April.

John P. Johnson/HBO

If you want to catch the newest episodes of Westworld or just watch Game of Thrones through for the third time, Hulu has dropped its HBO subscription price from £15 per month to £5. People who sign up for the promotion will pay £5 monthly for six months, after which the price goes back to £15, Hulu said on its website. Variety spotted the change Thursday.

It’s not clear how long Hulu will offer the promotion. Hulu didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Hulu is one of many streaming-video services eager to step in as a replacement for traditional monthly cable TV subscription fees, and HBO is fueling the shift with its £15 per month HBO Now program. Several services besides Hulu offer HBO Now, including Amazon Prime, Roku, Verizon and Google Fiber.

Another major cable TV powerhouse, Disney’s ESPN, just arrived on streaming video services on Thursday.

The ESPN+ service, though, doesn’t offer the live games you expect on the cable TV version of ESPN.

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