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World’s first underwater villa lets you sleep in the ocean, no snorkel needed

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Travelers heading to the Maldives will soon be able to spend their entire vacation under the waves, if they wish. The tiny Indian Ocean country already lets you dine in the depths of the deep blue sea, and later this year you’ll be able to book a room there, too. Brought to you by the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort, the residence is said to be the first of its kind in the world.

It’ll be called “Muraka,” which means “coral” in the local language of the Maldives, will be able to accommodate up to nine guests. The undersea residence aims to offer “an intimate and immersive experience of one of the Earth’s most breathtaking marine environments,” Conrad Hotels & Resorts said in a release. It adds: “Muraka is designed to blend into its environment, giving guests’ unparalleled views of the Indian Ocean at every turn.

With vibrant colors and a diverse array of marine life all around, Muraka’s residents will be able to sleep alongside the wonders of the abundant and colorful marine life that inhabit the sea.” The residence is designed as a two-level structure with space above sea level as well as below. Five meters (16.4 feet) beneath the waves, you’ll find a king-size bedroom, living area, bathroom, and spiral staircase that leads to the upper-level living room.

Views from the bedroom promise to be stunning, with the 180-degree transparent surrounds offering panoramic views of the Maldives’ rich, marine environment, as shown below.

(PRNewsfoto/Conrad Maldives Rangali Island) Conrad Hotels & Resorts

The upper level, meanwhile, offers a twin-size bedroom, bathroom, gym, butler’s quarters, private security quarters, integrated living room, kitchen, bar, and dining area, as well as a deck “that purposely faces the direction of the sunset for optimal viewing pleasure.” On the opposite side of the villa guests will find a relaxation deck that faces the direction of sunrise, which you can enjoy while immersed in the deck’s infinity pool. If that wasn’t enough, the upper level also features an additional king-size bedroom, together with a bathroom with an ocean-facing bathtub.

“Driven by our inspiration to deliver innovative and transformative experiences to our global travelers, the world’s first undersea residence encourages guests to explore the Maldives from an entirely new perspective below the surface of the sea,” said Ahmed Saleem, chief architect and designer of the undersea residence.

Prices for a stay at the Muraka have yet to be revealed, but it’s safe to say that most of us will need a lottery win to have any chance of staying there.

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