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Ynredee Pool Floats, Inflatable Unicorn Pool Floats for Adults and Kids, Outdoor and Indoor Vacation Beach Lounge Pool Floats, 78.7 x 39.3 x 35.4 Inches – Special Price

Ynredee Pool Floats, Inflatable Unicorn Pool Floats for Adults and Kids, Outdoor and Indoor Vacation Beach Lounge Pool Floats, 78.7 x 39.3 x 35.4 Inches

Weight: 1.5 kg

Material: Environmentally friendly PVC

Size after inflation: 200 cm × 100 cm × 90 cm


– The double handle makes it safer to use

– Double valve, anti-leak inflation inlets, double protection

– Delicate workmanship, bright colors, beautiful design

Have Water Fun in This Summer

– Sealed and reinforced, the crafted materials make the unicorn safer and the seams are reinforced to reduce the leakage rate.

❤ You can take your colorful inflatable unicorn to the pool, beach or water party and be the coolest this summer.

❤ Suitable for both adults and children, this new colorful unicorn can bear up to 200 kg, as well as being suitable for two adults to use at the same time. The design of the two handles on the head makes it easier to balance.

❤ A leak-proof device has been added to the new inflation inlet, making it easier to inflate. Gas can be stored in the three inflation inlets for a long time and the inlets cannot leak easily. The UV-resistant green PVC material is fade-proof. The 0.3 mm long wire and 0.28 cm thick PVC is more suitable for outdoor use. It will not tear easily and can be used for a long time.

Inflation Steps:

1.Unfold the product completely

2.Pull out the inflation inlet and open the inner valve

3.Inflate to 80-90% capacity and close the valve

4.Press in the inflation inlet to finish


✔ Remember not to inflate the product with high pressure gas

✔ Avoid contact with sharp objects or chemicals

✔ Children must use it under the supervision of adults

✔ Unfold the product completely before inflating

✔ The inflation capacity of the product should generally be at 80%; please do not over-inflate

Packing List:

1 inflatable unicorn (air pump not included)


  • NEWLY-DESIGNED INFLATABLE UNICORN: This product has a perfectly designed shape and extremely attractive color details, meeting the aesthetic standards of people of all ages
  • HUGE UNICORN FLOATS MADE OF COMPLETELY HARMLESS MATERIAL: The unicorn is made of PVC material with dimensions of 78.7 inches, 39.3 inches and 35.4 inches; You can play with it at the seaside, swimming pool or lake
  • VERY CONVENIENT INFLATION AND DEFLATION: You can easily use a pump or hair dryer to inflate it. Please note that it should not be over-inflated; Try to inflate it to 80% capacity. When you stop using it, you only need to gently open the inflation inlet and allow it to slowly deflate. It is very convenient to use
  • ENJOY THE FUN AND COOLNESS BROUGHT BY THE INFLATABLE UNICORN FLOAT: You can take your unicorn to a water party or go to the beach to relax. Lying on this inflatable unicorn, you will undoubtedly be the center of attention
  • 100% AFTER-SALES SERVICE: We will provide an unconditional refund if you have any dissatisfaction with this product, allowing you to purchase with peace of mind
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