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ZHANGP Indoor Princess Children Games Toy House Castle House Hot Sale Tents – Bonus Price

ZHANGP Indoor Princess Children Games CM© toy House Castle House Hot Sale Tents
Tent structure: single layer account
Strut material: fiberglass rod
Build situation: need to build
Size specifications: 100*100*120
Bottom material: Oxford cloth
Style features: picnic, waterproof, ultra-lightweight
Applicable number: individual
Applicable age: 0-14 years old


  • The fabric is easy to clean, gently wipe with a rag and dip in water, and the first-class precision car line processing can effectively prevent slipping.
  • Mesh gauze ventilation window is not sultry to effectively prevent mosquitoes baby can play more fun
  • Alloy joints Fiberglass rods Lighter and stronger Firmer to break Better toughness
  • It can be used as a temporary lounge on the outing to protect the baby from the sun and wind, and it can also be used as a temporary CM© toy storage room to house all the baby’s messy CM© toys in it.
  • The sunroof design can make the inside and outside ventilation more comfortable
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