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More danger, Will Robinson: Netflix renews ‘Lost in Space’ for a second season

Netflix will bring back its newest big-ticket sci-fi series, Lost in Space, for a second season. The renewal was announced via the official Lost in Space Twitter account, which sent out a tweet reading “More Danger, Will Robinson. Lost in Space Season 2 is coming,” along with a short reveal video (see below).

According to estimates from Nielsen — Netflix doesn’t officially release viewership statistics, so any numbers are extrapolations based on audio-recognition technology that “listens” to viewers’ TVs — Lost in Space (which premiered on April 13) drew more than 6 million viewers in its first three days, 1.2 million of which binged all the way through the series’ 10 episodes. Those numbers qualify Lost in Space as the third-biggest debut in Netflix history, behind only the second season of Stranger Things (nearly 16 million!) and Bright, a Will Smith fantasy-buddy-cop flick (around 11 million). All of this is to say: Lost in Space is one of Netflix’s most valuable “original” productions, so a renewal was nigh inevitable.

The series, a reboot of the 1960s CBS show of the same name, stars Toby Stephens (Black Sails) and Molly Parker (House of Cards) as parents who lead their family on an interstellar journey to find a new home for mankind after pollution cripples the Earth’s atmosphere. Taylor Russell (Falling Skies), Mina Sundwall, and Max Jenkins (Sense8) play the Robinsons’ kids, while Parker Posey (Best in Show) plays the scheming Dr. Smith and Ignacio Serricchio (Bones) takes the mantle of the impulsive Don West.

An unexpected hazard endangers the massive Resolute spaceship, causing many of its Jupiter subcraft to eject and crash-land on an unknown planet. The Robinsons — and any other survivors — must fight to overcome the planet’s many perils, while plotting a course for their original destination, Alpha Centauri. If you know anything about the original show (or the 1998 movie reboot), you also know young Will (Jenkins) becomes the caretaker for a powerful robot, though we won’t spoil any of the details here.

Netflix has not yet set a target release date or a production schedule for season 2, so keep it locked here for more news as soon as it becomes available.

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