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Final Fantasy 7 Remake delay worth it with Nobuo Uematsu’s music

While fans may be getting restless over the delay regarding the Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date and even news and gameplay for that matter, one piece of good news this week ensures that the wait could well be worth it.

It has been reported over in Japan that the legendary original FF7 composer Nobuo Uematsu is coming back to the game to handle some of the music for the upcoming release. FF7 Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase has confirmed this himself, giving an interview in Japan recently where he said the man responsible for tracks such as ‘Opening Theme’ (as seen in the FF7 Remake reveal trailer) and ‘Bombing Mission’ will be putting a modern twist to some of his classic compositions.

We frankly can’t imagine playing the remake without Nobuo Uematsu in a lead composer role, so if this adds a few extra months or a year to the final release date then it’s well worth it in our eyes.

Fans are waiting in anticipation to see some new Final Fantasy 7 Remake gameplay at E3 2018, which would make it a full three years since the game was first shown all the way back in 2015.

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There’s even rumors suggesting that FF7 Remake may not see a release until 2023, so take a look at that glorious 2015 reveal once again and let us know your reaction to the ongoing timescale for the game and your thoughts on Nobuo Uematsu coming back as composer.

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