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Want to Know What the Real Catch Is?

The way companies sell their services and products is always about increasing their bottom lines. Anyone who believes that almost anything sold out there doesn’t have a catch is a bit naive. I say this because as far as I’m concerned in these modern times everything has conditions or catches.

It’s not like the old days of Mom and Pop businesses interested in providing personalized service. These corporations spend a fortune on lawyers, including how they can legally entice people through physiological marketing and advertising techniques. As consumers I feel it’s our job prior to purchasing particularly higher ticket items doing research, asking questions, and not just counting on the internet.

I believe many consumers are not doing so, then because of their own laziness putting bad reviews of these companies on the internet. Here are some things I’ve noticed that are catches for me… One of my friends comes to me saying that they read this store is selling shoes for fifty percent off.

I ask my pal are you sure before I go? He said I’m telling you it was in the paper 50% off shoes. We go to the store excited in getting some great deals, but it was buy one pair full price and the second at fifty percent off.

My buddy meant well but didn’t read the catch part, this is what the corporations hope we miss getting us in their store. The other catch for me was I found the first pair of shoes more expensive than other places. Both pairs of shoes combined was not much savings at all.

The next is specials that say while quantities last, which means no rain checks or number they say ordered. Again, hoping we buy something else at full price. I love when companies advertise zero percent financing, no financial institute is going to give credit for free.

Which means the interest is incorporated into the price somewhere, maybe there are some additional fees, or other better credit opportunities are offered which cost more monthly payments. It my belief that everything has a catch, the question is which ones can we live with as a buyer. If we choose to be impulsive get sold on the spot, whatever happen after is our own fault.

I think the number of scams has gone down compared to decades gone by, but now things are done legally to a point where companies cover their butts.

Consumers don’t have a leg to stand-on, and corporations can put as many catches as they want.

There will always be a buyer out there willing to take advantage of agood or bad deal.

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