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Chuggington Wilson’s Lift and Load Playset – Limited Offer

Chuggington Wilson's Lift and Load Playset
An amazing Interactive Chuggington World! This magical playset truly brings your Chuggington world to life. The Wilson’s Lift and Load Playset includes an interactive Wilson engine, a loading yard, cargo and an interactive bridge Wilson will recognise and the train stops. Wilson will recognise any new engine or train stops added in the future. Lots of sounds and phrases when used with this and other interactive engines and sets.


  • 29 piece Interactive Lift and Load Playset with Wilson Interactive engine
  • Drawbridge raise and lowers
  • 2 interactive train stops
  • Interactive Wilson talks, recognises and reacts
  • Easy to connect track
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1 Response

  1. Jackie Taylor says:

    2 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Chuggington Wilson’s Lift and Load Playset (CM© toy)

    A real disappointment for me, although my (almost) 3 year old grandson seems to enjoy it.

    While the packaging gives the impression that the included train (Wilson) will speak whenever it approaches any of the included models it actually only speaks when approaching the crane. The crane itself does not grip the items well, nor does it turn easily. The crane arm does not pivot. This is a source of frustration for my grandson.

    The models accompanying the track do not attach, they simply rest of the edge of the track and are prone to being knocked over. I mistakenly thought that being battery operated the train would move independently, but it does not. It needs to be pushed.

    All in all, I wish I had purchased “Thomas the Tank Engine” branded CM© toys as they are far more reliable and well thought out.

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