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Kids Gardening Modular Blocks

Gardening with kids is made fun using these Construction Gardening Pots found on Tesco, which come in bright colours and designed with modular blocks for multiple ways to construct. Each box comes with a set of 6 blocks, although you can expand with more to create bigger projects.

We’ve taken a closer look at these Kids Gardening Modular Blocks and how they can help to encourage your child to join in gardening!

WHERE TO BUY: Tesco sell these Kids Gardening Modular Blocks. Kids Gardening Modular Blocks

Before you even open the packaging, you can see some ideas on how to use the blocks and construct your gardening project with kids. You can use this outside in the garden, indoors in places like a conservatory, and grow anything from plants to strawberries.

You can see what you get inside the box below, along with the instructions. While you get 6 blocks, these need to be clicked together first, which is pretty easy to do. Kids Gardening Modular Blocks

Kids Gardening Modular Blocks Once you have everything together, you can start to design and build your own garden using these modular blocks! We did it with our little girl and certainly made looking after plants fun, also a great way to show her how to care for plants, which need watering regularly to help keep them alive.

Kids Gardening Modular Blocks The set of 6 modular Construction Gardening pots is designed for ages 2 years upwards, although we know they can be educational and fun for kids a lot older too! Kids Gardening Modular Blocks

There’s a plug under each pot, as seen below, which keeps the water inside. This is great for those of you wanting to keep them indoors, as we had ours inside a conservatory. Kids Gardening Modular Blocks

You can stack them on top of each other, or use the compartments to pot scented herbs, beautiful flowers and much more dependant on where you’re putting them and in what conditions. Kids Gardening Modular Blocks Flowers look great and can be easy, although herbs and certain fruits can also be grown inside or out.

Kids Gardening Modular Blocks Kids Gardening Modular Blocks Bottom-Line: This is just a quick review with our first impressions of the Gardening Blocks from Tesco, although we absolutely loved the idea, which is very practical in real life too!

Kids will love them and so did we.

You can get these exact Gardening Blocks on Tesco Direct, which we will be getting more, as our little one has a few other ideas and things she wants to grow!

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