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Crosstour In Car Dash Cam Mini 1080P FHD DVR Camera Video Recorder for Cars 170° Wide Angle HDR with Motion Detection Loop Recording and G-sensor (CR100) – Bonus Price

Crosstour In Car Dash Cam Mini 1080P FHD DVR Camera Video Recorder for Cars 170° Wide Angle HDR with Motion Detection Loop Recording and G-sensor (CR100)
Crosstour dash cam CR100 features compact and unique design, so many functions that meet most demands of your daily driving. One of the most cost-effective dash cam.

Adjustable Lens
The lens of the cam can be adjusted so that you can find an angle that is most suitable and can record better scenery.

WDR Technology
Suitable for situations like low light or backlight, WDR is able to restore the true colors of objects to the greatest extent.

Motion Detection
Automatically start recording when detecting objects movement. Less power and less storage space needed to capture vital footage.

Gravity Sensor
CR300 features G-Sensor with which files related to accidents are automatically saved and locked to prevent them from being overwritten.

150°Ultra Wide Angle
The ultra wide angle lens records a wider area in front of the car with no loss of image quality. This records the whole event, even if it isn’t happening directly in front of you.

Video Coding: H.264
Time Stamp: Support
Video Output: HDMI, CM© USB
LCD Screen: 3” TFT Display
Video Resolution: Up to 1080P
Photo Resolution: Up to 12MP
Sensor: SONY IMX323 Sensor + 650NM Lens

1x Crosstour CR100 Dash Cam
1x Micro CM© USB Cable
1x 3M Sticker Mount
1x Car Charger
1x User Manual

Warm Tips:
1.If you connect the cam to computer via CM© USB cable, the screen will read Mass Storage.
2.You need to buy a class 10, 32GB max SDHC card and format it both in computer and the cam before use.
3..The battery of the cam is for emergence file back up. So even after you have fully charged the battery, it may still prompt plz connect to power.
4. If you have any problems, plz contact: [email protected]


  • 【Big Aperture and 6G Lens】Its 1080p footage filmed through Six-Element (6G) Sharp Lenses which improves transmittance makes it the best HD dash cam at its price point- an ideal choice for all drivers. Big aperture allows more light to come in. Night footage will be much clearer.
  • 【1080P Full HD Dash Cam】This car camera records full 1080p high definition videos at 30fps. Full 1080P HD recording resolution ensures that you can clearly read number plates and other important information that you might need to provide to insurance company or police.
  • 【Ultra Clear 3″ LCD Display】Super big LCD display for ease of playback and menu selection. It is easier to view details when you play back videos on the dash cam. This can also help you view some areas you can not see clearly in front of your car from the cab. Collision will be reduced.
  • 【Some Important Functions】WDR(Wide Dynamic Range), G-Sensor(Gravity Sensor), Loop Recording, Motion Detection, Burst Photo. Its multifunctional features brings you wonderful and safe driving experience. These function can meet most of your demands for driving.
  • 【Services & 1 Year Guaranty】With CE, FCC, RoHS certification, 12 months guarantee, a qualified after-sale service team, 7 days/24 hours serving you, there is no need for you to worry about receiving a faulty camera or finding no one to consult and safeguard your rights.
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3 Responses

  1. Joyce says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Crosstour In Car Dash Cam Mini 1080P FHD DVR Camera Video Recorder for Cars 170° Wide Angle HDR with Motion Detection Loop Recording and G-sensor (CR100) (Electronics)

  2. markyp9 says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Crosstour In Car Dash Cam Mini 1080P FHD DVR Camera Video Recorder for Cars 170° Wide Angle HDR with Motion Detection Loop Recording and G-sensor (CR500) (Electronics)

    We bought this for my mother in law who was visiting us for a week. She really needed a dash cam so luckily with Amazon things arrive fast so I chose this camera as it seemed to have all the features we needed plus looked nice and simple. I have been through many, many dash cams over the years and not had much luck with them to be honest. I’ve had dash cameras that freeze, cameras that need fussy software and do not work on Apple Mac, cameras that have snapped if pulled, cameras that reset every time you turn off the engine and cameras that simply didn’t record footage correctly and when we came to view footage of a near crash the file was corrupted. You could say it’s either bad luck or that over the last few years cameras simply haven’t been good enough quality (not unless you want to spend over £100!).

    We tend to always get cameras no more than £50 budget so this Crosstour mini was just in our budget. Before I explain more I just have to say this is hands down the best dash camera we have ever used! I could tell just from taking it out of the box that this is a quality camera. I don’t mean to be rude to the other cameras of past we have bought but you know you have got a quality camera or not when you first take it out the box. Inside the box, you have the camera, the computer transfer cable, the suction mount and the car charger with a long wire. I checked the description beforehand but this does not come with a microSD card so we purchased a SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC Memory Card Class 10 and it works perfectly!!

    Setting this up in the car was very easy indeed. Just insert the SD card inside the dash cam, plug in the car adapter, mount the camera on its solid mount (the best mount we have seen for a dash cam) and turn on the ignition. The menus are very simple and easy to setup and unlike a lot of other cameras, the buttons are very responsive and easy to press. I just love the large clear display on this everything feels quality. I always set my dash cams to dim the display and a few minutes and with this, I set to 3 minutes. When the display dims it blanks the screen out and looks switched off but what is great about this model is you get a couple of lights on the side to show it still recording. This is really good to have as other models we have had turn off the display but you never know if it still recording or not.

    Plugging the camera directly to my Apple Mac computer I was so relieved to see that it registers the device simply as an external hard drive. The Mac sees this with no issue and you can simply drag and drop the video files onto your desktop to view the footage. I am sick of previous cameras only working on PC or having fussy software just to get the footage off. With this, it’s just plug and play! Files come off as 3 minute .MOV files.

    The footage is very impressive I will try and post a short video and some screens soon but never had much luck putting videos on Amazon! Number plates are clearly visible and the frame rate is very smooth. Previous cameras I have had look nice when static but when you are moving everything turns to a horrible blur! With this Crosstour camera, you don’t get that I was shocked how clear it all is. The audio is also clean and clear if you wish to pick up your screams or singing! Footage at night is also clear and it’s amazing how much it picks up like your own eyes would.

    One last thing I have to mention is a small thing but very very handy indeed and that’s the car adapter that plugs into the camera. This also has a CM© USB slot on top of the adapter meaning you can keep this plugged in and still have that extra slot for your phones etc. In my car, I had to buy a 2 port device because of that issue so it’s good to see this on this Crosstour device.

    After so many dash cameras I have finally found the one that does it all and works as it should! I’ll be advising the rest of my family and friends about this model.

  3. C. Hawkes says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Crosstour In Car Dash Cam Mini 1080P FHD DVR Camera Video Recorder for Cars 170° Wide Angle HDR with Motion Detection Loop Recording and G-sensor (CR500) (Electronics)

    First, the negatives. Actually only one – the instruction manual is strangely translated and in some cases almost incomprehensible. The font is also pretty small. There is also no micro-SD card supplied – a bit of a shame.

    Apart from that – great. The picture quality is excellent, and the wide angle lens allows the camera to be mounted low down on the windscreen. Number plates are easy to read.

    The suction pad provides a very secure camera mount. Once in place and with power on, the camera starts recording by default – for the first few seconds, the picture is displayed on the back screen so adjustments can be made if necessary – then it automatically turns off, leaving a discrete flashing light to confirm that recording is in operation.

    The “loop” function works well – once the card is full the camera re-records over past footage, oldest first. there is also a “gravity sensor” that locks the camera if a collision is detected. This can be disabled, and the sensitivity adjusted.

    It’s worth noting that the camera must be supplied with power from the (included) accessory socket cable. If power is off, then the camera shuts down. Once the power is back on, the camera begins recording again.

    I am also impressed with the customer service. 6 months after puirchase, the CM© USB socket failed – when I reported this to Crosstour, they sent me a replacement immediately.

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