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PUBG challenges Fortnite to battle over copyright infringement

PUBG‘s parent company Bluehole has been suing competitors for all sorts of infringement, and now it’s taken on its biggest opponent, Epic Games’ Fortnite, with a copyright infringement suit filed in Korea. The suit was actually filed back in January by the PUBG Corporation, according to the Korea Times, which also says that a Bluehole official told it that the recent move was to file an injunction in the Seoul Central District Court against Epic Games Korea. We tried to find the suits to confirm, but the district court site seems to be down.

The site also says that Epic is imminently planning to send Fortnight into the Korean market via partner Neowiz Games.

It’s not the first infringement suit PUGB Corporation has filed; last month it sued NetEase over its mobile apps Rules of Survival and Knives Out in California.

We reached out to Bluehole and Epic for comment and did not immediately hear back.

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