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Snapchat introduces first Lens that reacts to sound

The Lens reacts to sounds picked up by your phone’s microphone.

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Snapchat has rolled out its first Lens that reacts to sound. The messaging social media app’s latest addition is an animal mask with ears that pulse and shine, as well eyes that move, depending on the sound your phone’s microphone picks up. It also appears to react more at greater volumes.

The new Lens was added Monday and Snapchat has confirmed that it plans to launch more sound-reacting Lenses in the coming weeks. The company noted that, since they first launched Lenses in 2015, they have continued to iterate on the types of experiences Snapchatters can have in the Snap Camera. Snapchat recently began testing unskippable six-second ads — known as Snapchat Commercials — within its TV-like Snapchat Shows.

It also updated its design twice in six months, rolling back on changes after users rejected a redesign unveiled last November. Snapchat notes that, on average, 191 million people use its service every day worldwide First published May 29 at 2:41 a.m.


Update, May 30 2:26 a.m.

PT: Adds Snapchat confirmation of upcoming Lenses, as well as background details.

Snapchat introduces first Lens that reacts to sound

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