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Apple Pay Credit Card with new rewards system on the way

If you love Apple Pay, you might be interested in Apple’s potential plans to introduce a fully fledged ‘Apple Pay’ credit card, which will offer a new rewards and perks system for users.

Sources from the Wall Street Journal indicate that Apple is planning to partner with Goldman Sachs with the new Apple Pay branded card and that it will be ready to roll out sometime in 2019. At the moment, Apple has a Rewards Card available through Barclays in which shoppers can accumulate points towards gift cards, but it looks like the new proposal could be a replacement with Goldman Sachs taking over Barclay as the creditor.

Details on what types of new rewards have not been disclosed yet, but it could involve Goldman Sachs offering loans to Apple customers in-store whenever they buy new Apple products such as iPhones, iPads and Watches.

Are you a heavy Apple shopper and would love to own a new credit card with a brand new reward system? Let us know your thoughts on this in our comments section below.

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