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Birthday Decorations Party supplies Kit Rose Gold Happy Birthday Letter Foil Balloons Latex Balloons,Metallic Tinsel Foil Fringe Curtains – Discounted

Birthday Decorations Party supplies Kit Rose Gold Happy Birthday Letter Foil Balloons Latex Balloons,Metallic Tinsel Foil Fringe Curtains

Product Description:

Our Rose Gold foil balloon latex balloons foil fringe curtains Set is the perfect cross between fun & elegance & is ideal forgirls boys men women parents friends colleagues sisters brothers’ any age birthday party background.Balloons are in high quality,we also did a test, balloons can keep inflated for a long time without leaks.  Are perfect choices!

Package Includes:

1). 3 ftWide x 8 ft Height  Rose Gold Metallic Tinsel Foil FringeCurtain/Backdrops

2). 13pcs*16inch rose gold HAPPY BIRTHDAYletter balloons-Air Only,Non Floating,

3). 20pcs*12inch original Rose Gold Latex Balloons – (ishelium quality and suitable to inflate with both helium or air)

4). 2 Rose Gold*18inch,One heart-shaped and one Star-shaped Foil Mylar Balloon

5). 1pc White/Transparent Straw – 6inch

6). 16Foot (5 Meters Balloon String) White Color 

Tip : All Aluminum Foil Balloons are detected by the machines,if there is a holes when inflate, please use the tape to seal it after party kindly contact with us, then we will replace or refund for you. Any problem or you need help, Kindly contact with us , we will solve it for you atonce.


  • Rose gold theme Bday:Want an elegant and a great birthday party experience? Dreamed of your bday every one to remember? The rose gold foil fringe curtains feature a bright sheen, adding an atmosphere of joy in your house. Awesome rose gold happy birthday foil balloons+foil fringe cutains+rose gold latex balloons pack that will give an eye-catching and unforgettable attraction.
  • Perfect addition to birthday decorations: The happy birthday letters foil balloons Combination Gift Package is suitable for any age ,1st birthday party,10th,20th,30th,40th,50th,60th,70th,80th,90th birthday party and even The 100th year of existence in this world.
  • Package contents:The Foil Mylar Balloons kit contain 13 happy birthday letters balloons+1 star foil balloon+1 heart shaped foil balloon+20pcs rose gold latex balloons+ Metallic Tinsel Foil Fringe Curtain.
  • Inflate and Deflate: Easy to blow up with the straw,have a valve the functioned to inflate it, please inflate the gas slowly until 90% filled could allows the balloon to expand completely and keep away from fire (the inflate straw are included). The balloons are Auto seal,you can double seal by pressing the valve gently. When deflating foil letters balloons, you merely put a small pipe into the mouthpiece and press it. Then air can come out. After deflating, the foil letters balloons can be reu
  • After-sale guarantee:Pls notice high quality product from”Gustalife”,if you have any quality questions,pls tell us,100% money back!
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