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Cat Toy Tumbler Interactive Ball Cat Teaser Spinning Wand Feather Toy with Small Bells – Mega Sales Stores – Price Deal

Cat CM© toy Tumbler Interactive Ball Cat Teaser Spinning Wand Feather CM© toy with Small Bells - Mega Sales Stores
Cat CM© toy Tumbler Interactive Ball Cat Teaser Spinning Wand Feather CM© toy with Small Bells Tumbler interactive feline CM© toys The special wobble & the genuine spinning feathers at the top of the Magic Wand, trigger your feline natural impulse to chasing and searching. Resilient plastic building, and portable the hollow sculpted ball can be utilized as a feline sweet container, it doesn it produces attention Bell Ringing Weighted base produces some distinct wobble movement Cat CM© toy with Feathers: This feline CM© toy, with a feather in the motion and feathers, a feline’s natural impulse to searching or chasing, for ease of motion and to motivate health and at the very same time. It is your felines preferred CM© toy. Directions: First Removing ball and stem with spring areas made from product packaging and all product packaging will be correctly discard. 2 snap Magic Wand with plumes to top of ball. A: No Power Supply. Width: supply an interactive, enjoyable and psychological stimulation. C: To promote motion, specifically developed for single feline play. D Animal interaction Security Information: Get rid of all plastic tags and deal with correctly. Felines must be monitored when having fun with this CM© toy when all parts are loosen. Please note: Stay out of the reach of kids. Focus: Feathers are 100% natural chicken plumes. It takes place that some felines who feast on springs of feline feather CM© toy. As the springs are, naturally, it’s no issue, if your feline it takes in. Natural plumes are protein, so it appropriates for animals Digest.


  • This feline CM© toy does not have to be linked to the mains electrical power the CM© toy can be utilized with or without the red stick. It motivates activity to play
  • A little, peaceful little bells in the ball ought to Cat to paw at to motivate your.
  • This CM© toy supplies stimulus for the promoting your curious and lively animals.
  • Package consist of: 1 CM© toy overall height 26 cm. The nib is height-adjustable in between 16 cm.
  • It comes ONLY with our unique Mega Sales Stores eBook
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