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Dazzber Dog Leash Heavy Duty Soft Smooth Walking Leash for Large Medium Dogs Strongest Durable Dog Training Leads By – Cut Price

Dazzber Dog Leash Heavy Duty Soft Smooth Walking Leash for Large Medium Dogs Strongest Durable Dog Training Leads By

Dazzber Brand(Because we’re focused, Because we’re professionals):

Dazzber professionally produce high-quality, safe and comfortable pet supplies, focused on every detail of our products,combining unique beauty and fashion features,adding extra character to your canine companion also a symbol of your taste, the premium choice for pet lovers.


  • Patented Lock:Dazzber unbreakable dog lead rope using imported Australian zinc alloy to install a 180-degree rotational security lock ring in the safety retractor on the karabiner.This patented technology comes with a locking property and guarantees no accidental detachment,the 360°rotation won’t leave you in a tangle.
  • Concept of Design:The 6 foot strong dog leash lead uses the same material as car seat belts,polyester industrial filament,12 weaving processes,soft and smooth to the touch,with resistance to damage to the same level as that of a car seat belt,and is 2 to 5 times more chew-resistant than normal polyester bands.
  • Car suture technology:Dedicated computer-operated sewing machine for pet leads,stitching solid and beautiful square knotted edge trimming reinforcement to ensure the same seam line specifications,uniform stress,specialized powerful car suture to ensure maximum tensile strength.
  • Dog leads made from raw silk from Taiwan.The surface adopts digital drawing high temperature sublimation process,color fastness and abrasion resistance all reach the clothing standard!

Product Specification:

Maximum pull:800lb

Caution:Dogs should not be allowed to chew on the leads to avoid damages,please don’t leave the lead and harness set on your pet unattended.

If you want more Pet Supplies (like dog lead,dog martingale collar,dog lead harness etc.),please visit our Dazzber-UK Storefront.Thank you!


  • Dazzber 6 foot heavy duty dog leads use a patented security lock design,retractors are produced from Australian zinc alloy,ensuring high strength and secure.There is a 180°rotational safety ring lock device in the karabiner.When the spring-loaded gate is secured,the karabiner is unable to be press down,guaranteeing the karabiner will not come lose unexpectedly.This makes it safer and convenient to use.
  • The selection of material and suture technology makes the lead silk smooth,delicate to the hand,and damage resistance up to the seat belt level.Pulling strength,dog chew-proof-ness are 2 to 3 five times that of a normal polyester band.Color fastness and wear resistance are both up to clothing standards.Dog leads joint sutured together with folded square knots,soft and delicate to the hand.
  • Tough no tangle dog leads are sold as single items,matching collars and harnesses are sold separately.If needed please visit our Dazzber storefront
  • Purchases are 100% guaranteed! If these are any issues with quality,we will provide after-sale policies entitling your money back or new item exchanged.
  • The Dazzber brand specializes in producing high quality,safe and comfortable pet products,we focus on every single detail,devoting ourselves to provide the best service for you and your pet.
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  1. Name Withheld says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Dog Leads Heavy Duty Soft Smooth Walking Leash for Small Medium Dogs Strongest Durable Dog Training Leash By Dazzber (Misc.)

    Bought this for my very hairy dog as it doesn’t get caught up in her fur plus its quite attractive as well

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