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EA confirms Battlefield 5 won’t have loot boxes

There has been a very big announcement from EA over the last 24 hours, with an EA representative confirming that Battlefield 5 will not have loot boxes.

As you can imagine, this is huge news considering what happened with Star Wars Battlefront 2 and it comes after the other big announcement from EA that Battlefield 5 will not have a traditional Premium Pass, or Season Pass model either. You can see confirmation of this here thanks to Polygon and it will mean that all of your weapon, equipment and vehicle unlocks will be unlocked through gameplay only.

This is going to be great news for those who are not fans of the loot box system and we’re willing to bet that this factor alone may cause some gamers to consider Battlefield 5 as a more attractive option to Black Ops 4.

We have seen the fallout with the loot box system in both Battlefront 2 and on Overwatch, so are you very happy that Battlefield 5 isn’t going to have a similar system?
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As we wait for more information from EA and DICE on this, give us your reaction to the news below.

You can pre-order Battlefield 5 early here, in time for launch on October 19.

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