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Fortnite eSports announced with $100,000,000 up for grabs

Fortnite continues to go from strength to strength and right now it seems to be the number one multiplayer game across console and PC.

Epic Games is clearly in a very good position right now and this week we have news that the company is planning to take Fortnite into the world of eSports and set up tournaments for professional Fortnite players. We recently told you how one Fortnite Twitch streamer earns £500,000 a month playing the game, but now Epic has announced that with Fortnite entering eSports, they are going to be supporting tournaments by offering up a total prize pool of a whopping £100,000,000.

Epic says that Fortnite will be competing in the 2018-19 eSports season, but haven’t yet finalized how it will work or set up a structure on how it will run within the current format of the game.

We expect to find this information out soon, perhaps Epic are preparing something for E3 2018 in June so stay tuned.

How good are you at Fortnite and would it be a dream to compete for prize money in official tournaments?

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