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Fortnite gets shopping cart update, players lose their minds

Fortnite continues to get crazier and crazier, with player participation figures at an all time high on console and PC. This week, Epic has finally given players a long awaited feature by putting vehicles into Fortnite in the form of the Shopping Cart.

Don’t be fooled by thinking it is a gimmick though, as the shopping cart now serves as a new gameplay mechanic and a useful way to take down enemies whilst moving. All of which is made even more fun with the assist from your teammates as you can see in the hilarious footage that gamers are already uploading to places like Twitter.

New fortnite meta shopping carthttps://t.co/rqW5m5NmK9 pic.twitter.com/2BvRs8wwjb

— IceY ? (@FRZ_IceY) May 30, 2018

We’ve got an example to show you what you and your friends can do with the new shopping carts in the game, which we can see players are clearly loving straight away.

[embedded content]

Is this one of the best mini Fortnite updates that you have seen? Let us know your experiences with the shopping cart below!

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