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Geeetech E180 Mini 3D Printer with Power Failure Recovery Function, Removable Hotend, 3.2″ Full Color Touch Screen, Support 3D Wifi Module and EasyPrint 3D App. – Sale

Geeetech E180 Mini 3D Printer with Power Failure Recovery Function, Removable Hotend, 3.2″ Full Color Touch Screen, Support 3D Wifi Module and EasyPrint 3D App.
Print technology: FDM
Build volume: 130x130x130mm
Printing precision:0.05mm
Positioning precision: X/Y:0.11mm. Z: 0.0025mm
Print Speed: 80-110mm/s recommended
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Filament supported: PLA

Operating system: Windows
Control software: EasyPrint 3D
File format: .stl, G-code

Max extruder temp: About 230°C

Power supply: DC 12V/6A
Connectivity: CM© USB, TF card (support stand-alone printing)
Display screen: 3.2″ Full color touch screen

Chassis: Metal plate + injection molding (a portable cantilever type 3D printer)
Build Platform: Aluminum alloy plate
XYZ Rods: Wear-resistant, stainless steel and lead screw (Z axis)
Stepper Motors: 1.8°step angle with 1/16 micro-stepping

Physical Dimensions & Weight:
Machine Dimension: 284x156x320 mm
Shipping box Dimension: 374x267x386mm
Machine Net weight: 4.5kg
Machine Gross weight: 6kg


  • 1. Break-resuming capability E180 features the function of break-resuming, convenient to stopping and saving the printing status in real time. You could continue the uncompleted print at the same place as if the machine has never stopped.
  • 2. Modularized Extruder The modularized design also brings you unbeatable ease to change the hotend which is in slide connection with the coldend. Now with a little slide, you can assemble /disassemble the hotend like a breeze.
  • 3. 3.2″ full color touch screen 3.2″ full color touch screen unfolds an intuitive and sensitive panel by which you could modify the relevant parameters for a comprehensive control over the whole printing process. The employment of touch screen, in a large measure, simplifies the operation flow.
  • 4. The entire architecture is made of sheet metal and injection molding models and is characterized by stability, endurance and vibration resistance.
  • 5. Excellent After-sale service WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype are available for customer service and technical support, Local Engineers are also available for technical support
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2 Responses

  1. Name Withheld says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Geeetech E180 Mini 3D Printer with Power Failure Recovery Function, Removable Hotend, 3.2″ Full Color Touch Screen

  2. Julian Weidner says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Geeetech E180 Mini 3D Printer with Power Failure Recovery Function, Removable Hotend, 3.2″ Full Color Touch Screen

    At the beginning:
    Actually I come from the FPV Racing Copter area. When assembling a variety of copters, 3D printing parts are usually advantageous in order to obtain e.g. Camera shifts or or or specifically for a frame / camera etc. For a long time I have this part mostly by a user of the extremely fat community print. But I wanted more … I wanted to be able to do this and I could print my spare parts by myself.

    For a long time I have searched through forums and reviewed the reviews to find a suitable printer. Right from the start, I realized that I would like to assemble my own printer. Because here also, as with the Copter fly, it is the advantage of all to construct itself / to deal with the matter maximally in case of broken or difficulties to know what is actually going wrong.

    Now to the printer:
    I needed a printer that could print different types of filament. Entry-friendly PLA, heat-resistant and robust ABS as well as very flexible TBU. This printer brought the prerequisites for it and brought me through the recessions and the really good price to buy him right away.

    Delivery and unpacking:
    The printer arrived well packed after about 2 business days at me. After opening the box I was positively surprised. Everything was good and shockproof packed and really every space of the carton was maximally used.
    In addition to the parts for the printer was also a manual and a packing list, which should be checked before assembly.

    After everything was unpacked and arranged it went to the assembling. As recommended in some forums, I kept myself not only to the manual and the (NOTICE – YouTube instructions ^^) but also to many blogs with improvements which you can carry out with the assembly already.

    For the assembly is definitely logical understanding of what you are doing, precision and accuracy and patience of advantage! If, in addition to these important points, technical understanding and the understanding of electronics are also taken care of, assembly is quickly done. After about 2 days was my printer built up and was supplied by me, after sufficient 2nd and 3rd test of the electronics for the first time with power. And what can I say, everyone who has built something himself and it is powered for the first time knows the feeling, he lived and showed everything correctly ^ ^

    The first print:
    I chose the Repetier Host program as it is free and easy to use. I wanted to print vor the first time a smal cube. After the necessary adjustments were made the first pressure began.

    After about 45 minutes there was actually something that was not there before … a small cube. I was baffled! Soooo incomprehensibly awesome I had the feeling after the first print not presented ^ ^ Of course he was not yet perfect but it was a very considerable first pressure. I immediately made myself clear which improvements for the printer I can print myself and started immediately.

    For me, this printer has been the perfect entry into the matter of 3D printing. For a reasonable price you can get a really great kit with the necessary understanding. In general, one should remember: 3D printing is a hobby of its own. One has to take the time and deal with the matter urgently. Here is not the motto (build – turn – print – perfect result). Whoever is prepared for this will be satisfied with this kit. Obviously you have to update a few extra things with the time to get even better results like for example Better pressure bed + permanent pressure plate, auto-bed leveling etc. But this comes by and by.

    On the whole I would recommend this set! =)

    Ps. Sorry for my bad English. I am from Germany and wanted to write an English reveiw. I hope you understand what I wrote ^^

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