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** HIGH SPEC LAPTOP CLEARANCE SALE ** Dell Inspiron 1564 * WINDOWS 7 * 250GB HD * 2GB RAM * FAST New Intel® Core i3 PROCESSOR * 15.6″ WIDESCREEN * BUILT IN WEB CAM * WIFI * ENERGY STAR CETIFIED * Dell Inspiron 1564 Black Notebook * – Offer

** HIGH SPEC LAPTOP CLEARANCE SALE ** Dell Inspiron 1564 * WINDOWS 7 * 250GB  HD * 2GB RAM * FAST New Intel® Core i3 PROCESSOR * 15.6



Dell 1564 box has been opened to check contents.

Substance meets style in the refined, streamlined Dell Inspiron 1564. A multimedia superstar with HD graphics, twin speakers and a stunning 15.6 inch display; Inspiron 1564 was made for your movies, photos and music, Inspiron 1564 boasts an intelligent Intel® Core i3 processor, Windows® 7 Home Premium and a generous 250GB hard drive. It’s slick, fast and ready to play.

New Intel® Core i3 processor
The new Dell Inspiron 1564 is one of the first notebooks to have an intelligent Intel® Core i3 processor. Intel’s new chip uses Hyper-Threading technology to enhance energy efficiency and optimise performance; so you can multitask and download faster, experience true HD graphics and enjoy an intuitive user experience.

Refined design
Clean, modern lines, glossy curves and a 15.6 inch HD display – Dell’s Inspiron 1564 comes with added stop-and-stare. This slender notebook is built to be both beautiful and user-friendly, with a full-size keyboard, twin 2 watt speakers, a generous 250GB hard drive and a 7-in-1 card reader.

Brighter web browsing
The Inspiron 1564 has a built in Wi-Fi receiver for fast access to the web and a bright, crisp HD display with a 16:9 aspect ratio optimised for websites. A full-size keyboard makes typing emails and IMs easier, while the built-in webcam is great for video chats with family and friends.

Windows® 7 Premium
Discover a more user-friendly interface. The Windows® 7 Home Premium operating system is easy to get to grips with, great at performance management and can be personalised with your own unique settings. Please register with dell for your warranty at www.dell.com.


  • Windows® 7 * 250GB hard drive * 2GB RAM
  • FAST New Intel® Core i3 PROCESSOR
  • Multimedia superstar with HD graphics * Twin speakers
  • 15.6 inch Screen * Webcam * built in Wi-Fi
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2 Responses

  1. D. Cheung says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    ** HIGH SPEC LAPTOP CLEARANCE SALE ** Dell Inspiron 1564 * WINDOWS 7 * 250GB HD * 2GB RAM * FAST New Intel® Core i3 PROCESSOR * 15.6″ WIDESCREEN * BUILT IN WEB CAM * WIFI * ENERGY STAR CETIFIED * Dell Inspiron 1564 Black Notebook *

    First laptop I’ve owned but have used them before; also own a PC. The spec. is great for the price and the basic setup works right out of the box. Came with ‘McAfee’ installed and 60 day trial of ‘MS Office’ with Windows 7 & IE. I prefer offering from ‘AVG & Mozilla’, so I uninstalled ‘McAfee’ and have Firefox running in tandem with IE9. I still had a licence on a full edition of ‘MS Office 2007’, so only having the trial was not a problem. My PC runs on Vista, (don’t laugh.) Hated the dreaded ‘V’ at first but now quite like it – Win7 seems a mix of XP & V with some oddities of its own.

    Hardware wise, the laptop is quiet in use, only really noticed any sound when the DVD drive is an action. However, this is not obtrusive when watching video. Charging from flat to 100% charge take less than an hour and in the meanwhile, you can still do work with the laptop. All the interfaces are on either side, with none on the rear. The screen is clear and bright, with only a small ‘Dell’ decal at the screen’s base; so not distracting and even the built-in camera is unobtrusive. The one downside is the scroll-pad. The buttons are fine & responsive but the pad is less so. At times just the lightest of pressure will move the cursor, the next moment, it requires a definite press & slide, (the same goes when tapping the pad.) The pad is 8cm x 4cm and is most responsive when 1.5cm in from any edge. The upper and side edges of the pad have a slight rise, the lower edge is flush with the buttons. If you have any sensory problem, this may pose a problem. Any restriction of cursor movement is more evident when moving horizontally than vertically. This does not make the 1564 unusable, just slower at times. Using a mouse eliminates any cursor problems.

    Opening the lid/screen is easy and closure ends with a nice soft slapping sound. The screen flips approx. 155 degrees from fully closed, though quite why you’d want it at that angle, I cannot fathom. The camera is ok, which slightly n=mutes the colours. The 1564’s ability to cope with movement within frame is just up to the job but only just. Slight movement is fine but anything sudden and the image turn to a mass of blurs. But why would you be leaping about while working on a computer? If you want to leap about, there’s plenty of sports you could take part instead.

    Booting takes approx. 59secs., while a shut-down controlled only by the scroll-pad, takes 30sec. If you’ve got a password, then both take a few seconds longer. When either the open/eject button is selected, the DVD/CD’s tray pops out but only slightly. Enough to then open manually but not enough to knock over stacked pens.

    Sound quality of the spoken word, is good and crisp with no distortion or buzz.
    Sound quality of easy listening music, is a bit on the tinny side.
    Sound quality of trance, is not worth playing on the built-in speakers, even with software adjustment. But if you care about your music, why aren’t you listening through a hi-fi system.

    With the wide screen, working in Excel or similar is a doddle and landscape ‘Word’ documents are a breeze. The screen is highly reflective, so position away from direct light. But with the 155 degree opening, this ought not be a problem. Playing a DVD can take a bit of time, if using the bundled ‘Window Media Centre’, as the 1564 as is, can take nearly 2mins. to recognise a disc. On the plus side, the 1564 reads the region and it’s easy to change the region if needed. Fast movement on screen can create a slight blur, so action films or games are a no-go. Sideways viewing angle is restricted to being almost directly in line with the screen. If you had three people sitting side-by-side 2.5m away, it would be ok but four would be pushing the boat out. True blacks are great and overall colour balance is fine for watching films. The 1564 has enough oomph to play a DVD and complete an ‘Excel’ doc at the same time but why you would want to beats me. I tested it, (on battery alone) and couldn’t concentrate on either. But both did their stuff, while the other did theirs. During this 45min. test, battery capacity went from 100% to 32%.

    The numeric keyboard is handy but there are no lights on the keyboard or elsewhere, for either the caps-lock or the number-lock. The scroll-pad is off centre to the left of both the keyboard and laptop in one. But this is not really a problem. The keyboard has a positive feel without being clunky or mushy, nor do the keys wobble at all. The keyboard’s ‘Delete’ key is tiny but directly above the ‘Return’ key, so just be careful.

    If you need a basic but good quality laptop with good sound & graphics capabilities and have no need of a flash games platform, then look no further. I would happily recommend the 1564 to others.

  2. F. says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    ** HIGH SPEC LAPTOP CLEARANCE SALE ** Dell Inspiron 1564 * WINDOWS 7 * 250GB HD * 2GB RAM * FAST New Intel® Core i3 PROCESSOR * 15.6″ WIDESCREEN * BUILT IN WEB CAM * WIFI * ENERGY STAR CETIFIED * Dell Inspiron 1564 Black Notebook *

    The CM© Laptop recieved was in every good condition and performance compared with other similar Laptops was excellent. I highly recommend this laptop.

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