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K-DD Classic Vintage Telephone With Push Button Dial – Mega Discount

K-DD Classic Vintage Telephone With Push Button Dial
Material: Resin
Machine core: the most stable fiberglass telephone board, fire-proof and moisture-proof, long product life
Weight: 3KG
Size: 255*175*205mm
Suitable for family, office, luxury homes, star hotels, galleries, jewelers
1. No need for external power supply, no battery, direct use of the current on the telephone line
2. Retro ringtones (the sound of sweet bells)
4. Handsfree
5. Rotary dialing


  • Classic early 20th century design
  • High-quality high-temperature hydrolytic plating process, spraying imported paint, high-temperature baking, ensuring stable gloss, no oxidation
  • Four retro footing designs, thick and stable, quality assurance of metal interior
  • Ringer on/off switch, button dial
  • We provide one year of after-sales service, If you have problems, we will solve it for you immediately.
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