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Meet Guy, Meghan Markle’s dog who lives with her and Harry

We already know that the Queen has one thing in common with her new granddaughter Meghan Markle, who married Prince Harry on Saturday 19th May. In fact, it’s a passion we share with the pair, too – a love of dogs.
Meghan did have two beloved rescue pups, a beagle called Guy, and a labrador/shepherd mix called Bogart, but only Guy came to England with Meghan. It was reported at the time that Bogart was “too old to fly” and so stayed in Canada, where the American actress previously lived and worked.

More information has recently emerged about Guy the Beagle, who appears to be living the royal highlife after being spotted riding in one of the Queen’s Range Rovers.

It’s been reported that Meghan chose Guy after attending an adoption event through a rescue centre in Toronto, A Dog’s Dream Rescue. Poor Guy had been found wondering alone in the woods before being taken to the centre in a very bad way. A Dog’s Dream Rescue has been following Guy’s new royal life step-by-step on their Facebook page…

Guy is the latest dog to join the royal family, but he certainly isn’t the first.

The Queen is well-known for her love of corgis, even though her last beloved pup sadly died earlier this year, in April.

Her Majesty has decided not to get any more dogs due to her age.

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