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Snapchat users vent anger over non skippable Ads

Snapchat recently introduced some changes to their app which involves Ads that users can no longer skip. This makes a change to skippable Ads that were previously in circulation on the app and as you can imagine not everyone is happy with the move.

These new type of Ads have been appearing on Snapchat as of Monday May 14 and we can see from the reaction on Twitter that users are already looking for a way on how to skip the Ads and bring it back to the way the app was previously. The Ads are around six seconds in length and aside from being unskippable, you can’t click them either – you simply have to wait until they are over.

So far we’ve seen Ads for Deadpool 2, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S9 but there are a lot of obscure Ads as well which seem to be the most cause of grief among users.

Given that advertisers are paying for specific placement and Snapchat remains a free app, it looks like they are not going away any time soon.

Are you happy with the new Ad system – is it really as bad as everyone is making out as we have seen many threats from users who say that they’ll now stop using Snapchat completely? Give us your thoughts on this in our comment system.

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