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So you still aren't using LED light bulbs…

Run the numbers

Pick your tone

Why not both?

Dimming tricks, too

Dimmability? Check.

Brightness coming right up

Color quality

See for yourself

Color-changers, too

Room for creativity

Up next for Nanoleaf

Colorful entertainment

Cheaper smart lights? Sure thing


All sorts of options

Like, seriously


Feit, too

Vintage options

Vintage and smart

If you’re concerned about brightness, don’t be.

Shop around, and you’ll find lots of perfectly decent LED light bulbs that offer lots and lots of light. Take this Utilitech LED, for instance. If puts out the same approximate amount of light as a 100W bulb, it works well on dimmer switches in case you want to be able to dial that brightness down, and it offers best-in-class efficiency, too.

Best of all, the cost is still less than £5 per bulb.

Published: May 23, 2018 / Caption: / Photo: Tyler Lizenby/CNET

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