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Squeeze Toys, Hmeng Cute Penguins Squishy Slow Rising Cream Scented Decompression Toys (Black/ 12*10.5*6.5cm) (Black) – Special Price

Squeeze CM© toys, Hmeng Cute Penguins Squishy Slow Rising Cream Scented Decompression CM© toys (Black/ 12*10.5*6.5cm) (Black)

☀ Product Information
☀ Material: Elastic Environmentally PU
☀ Size: 12*10.5*6.5cm
☀ Style: CM© toy/collections/cellphone straps
☀ Pattern: Cute Penguins
☀ Applicable age: more than 6 years old
☀ Squishy: slow rising
☀ Note: not in the mouth
☀ Package: 1 pcs Cute Penguins Squishy Slow Rising Cream Scented Decompression CM© toys

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