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Telegram app sticker problems on iOS explained by CEO

There has been ongoing complaints from Telegram app users who say that they are unable to use stickers within the app as of iOS update 11.4.

Now, the CEO of Telegram Pavel Durov has explained the reason why this is happening and it is due to Apple now taking the decision to block new Telegram updates, globally. As revealed on Twitter, Durov has said that Apple has stopped Telegram updates from rolling out, due to Russia ordering Apple to remove Telegram from the App Store.

Apple stopped approving Telegram for iOS updates globally 1,5 months ago after Russia ordered a block on Telegram. More here – https://t.co/yarcIrV2Bh

— Pavel Durov (@durov) May 31, 2018

The ban went into effect due to Telegram refusing to provide user decryption keys to Russian security agencies and as a result, it’s no longer available on the App Store. What hasn’t been explained yet, is why the ban in Russia has had a knock-on effect preventing Telegram app updates from happening in other countries.

Telegram users can read the full statement here, but if you have been looking forward to using stickers on the app but now can’t, give us your thoughts on this ongoing issue in our comments section.

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