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V2000 CPR Call Blocker – Block All Nuisance and Unwanted Calls to Your Home Phone. Landline Phone Blocker to Stop All PPI Political Sales and Scam Numbers At The Touch Of A Button – Bargain

V2000 CPR Call Blocker - Block All Nuisance and Unwanted Calls to Your Home Phone. Landline Phone Blocker to Stop All PPI Political Sales and Scam Numbers At The Touch Of A Button
The CPR Nuisance Call Blocker with Caller Display is Police approved and protects you from scam calls, nuisance calls, PPI calls, silent calls, harassment calls, withheld calls, oversea’s calls, cold calls and spam faxes. The CPR Call Blocker will also work on Digital PBX systems with analogue sockets. This product is ideal if you don’t want any more calls from Silent Calls, PPI Calls, Robo Calls, Recorded Messages, Overseas Call Centres, Harassment calls, Malicious Calls, Junk Faxes, Withheld numbers, International Numbers, VOIP Numbers & Unavailable Numbers. Companies which are selling by phone, using overseas call centres and automated sales lists are all pre-programmed which will minimise the sales calls you receive almost immediately.


  • 1500 Number Blocking Capacity Call Blocker With 2000 Known Nuisance Callers Pre Programmed
  • Large 3″ Caller Display Screen And Block Nuisance Callers By Pressing HASH 2 on DECT extension handsets
  • Block Unwanted Callers At The Touch Of A Button With The Large “Block Now” Button
  • Block Area Codes, International, Withheld, Private, Unavailable Type Masked Calls
  • If You Have Any Questions Or Require Technical Support Please Call Our UK Customer Support Team On 0800 652 7780
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2 Responses

  1. ఆ says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Slot this into the line between your telephone socket and main phone and sit back and enjoy the peace! I have unobtainable and withheld numbers blocked as well as international and internet calls. That takes care of most nuisance calls: the guys in India who want to remove viruses (actually harmless log entries) from my laptop; the insulation I already have; the doors and windows I already fitted; the mis-sold PPI that I didn’t take out.

    I have, however, experienced a couple of calls: one was from a call centre that didn’t block its number, but typing #2 during the call blocked that. I have also had someone use a mobile to call me to try to sell something, and that is blocked the same way. Given that in several weeks I have only had a couple of such calls and I can block over a thousand more numbers, I think I will survive.

    What about those people who have blocked numbers and genuinely want to contact me? So far, they have inserted the unblocking code before my number when ringing. I am waiting to see what happens when my GP phones, or hospitals checking that I am not missing an appointment, but, hey, if they don’t get through I will change my number on their systems by putting the unblock code in front of it.

    This is not for you if you receive loads of legitimate internet or international calls. I don’t. It suits me fine.

    I mentioned the #2 blocking code. There are a few of these codes which work via DECT phones too on this model. Alternatively, if you have just one landline, you can press the big red button to block a number instantly. How satisfying is that? (Especially if you tell them “I am now blocking your number—done!”) Alternatively, the last number can be blocked after the call by another code sequence.

    So, is it worth it? It is to me! The TPS is useless, a bad joke. This little gadget blocks nuisance calls by brute force. There is no compulsory subscription involved, though you do get a year of free membership of CPR included in the price. After that, you still have the blocker, as you own it. BT also provide a subscription blocking service, but I have no idea how good that is. As far as I can see, a year’s subscription to the BT service costs far more than the cost of this device, so it is a no-brainer really.

    So, thumbs up from me!

  2. I. Giles says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    CPR Call Blocker V202 – 1000 Number Blocking – 200 Pre Programmed – Block All Unwanted PPI Calls At The Touch Of A Button (Office Product)

    Like so many, a prolonged series of unsolicited calls from double-glazing, loan companies and most persistently, P.P.I. claim advisers finally led me to this blocker.

    The delay in testing it with a suitable review following is entirely due to a complete absence of the above listed callers since the day it arrived. Perhaps the fear of my installing it was sufficient to ward off such callers but I rather doubt it. Anyway, I simply did not install it as there was no longer any apparent need.

    However, three months later and a few weeks ago, a call from a P.P.I. adviser prompted me to install it and then wait eagerly for an opportunity to test it. This eventually occurred and the pleasure of simply dialling #2 while it was playing its message and then replacing the receiver in its cradle was extremely gratifying. Since then there have been no further nuisance calls but the one now blocked is listed as confirmed blocked on the readout. (It is also a straightforward procedure to unblock a number if an error has been made).

    Installing this blocking device was a matter of just a few minutes. Using it is also very easy by either dialling #2 from a non-main phone or by pressing a large red button on the blocker if it is nearby. This works for all calls with a displayed number. There is a range of options for other calls that do not display their number.

    This device is simple to set up and to use and it works – what more can you ask for! Peace reigns supreme again!

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