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Andrew James Meat Slicer Machine for Home Use – Quite 150W Electric Motor with 3 Interchangeable Food Slicers – Different Blades for Bread Meat and Cheese – Plastic Blade Guard Non-Slip Feet – Reduced

Andrew James Meat Slicer Machine for Home Use - Quite 150W Electric Motor with 3 Interchangeable Food Slicers - Different Blades for Bread Meat and Cheese - Plastic Blade Guard Non-Slip Feet

The Andrew James Electric Food Slicer has been designed to be used in the home. It has a quiet but powerful 150 watt motor that makes slicing even tough meats and vegetables easy. We’ve included three blades to tackle almost any task and designed the electric slicing machine with safety in mind. The food press and sliding carriage also serve to protect your fingers from the turning blades and there is a very simple on/off button to ensure using the machine is as easy as possible. Underneath there are non-slip suction feet that ensure your slicer remains secure on your worktop during use.

Always make sure you machine is turned off and unplugged from the wall before touching the blades. After use you can easily clean the blades and the slicing machine with a damp, soft cloth.

Adjustable Slice Thickness

Keep full control over your slicing with the thickness dial that lets you choose how deep each slice will be. You can select a thickness between 1mm and 15mm. Cut thin, deli style slices or go for chunky slices of roast meat and thick cheese.

3 Interchangeable Blades

Your electric slicer comes with three large 19cm blades. There is a specialised bread blade for fresh, homemade loaves, a meat blade for cheese and meat, and the universal blade which is suitable for just about everything else.

Includes Plastic Food Press

Safely cut right down till the last slice with the plastic food press. It has small spikes to secure your food and acts as a guard to protect fingers when you are slicing small pieces of food.


  • ELECTRIC FOOD SLICER – Precision slicing from the Andrew James Electric Food Slicer. This sturdy and powerful machine, made from die-cast aluminium and steel, makes slicing everything from cured meats and cheese to tough vegetables so easy. Designed for home use it has a powerful but quiet 150 watt motor and is simple to use with a clearly identifiable on/off switch.
  • VARIABLE THICKNESS SLICING – You can adjust the thickness of the slices to suit the food you are processing by adjusting the dial on the side of the slicing machine. Slices can be between 1mm and 15mm. Once sliced your food will look great in salads, sandwiches, as pizza toppings or pie fillings etc., you can slice food to make it easier to use in a chopper or dicer.
  • THREE INTERCHANGEABLE BLADES – The Electric Food Deli Slicer comes with three large 19cm blades. The universal blade can be used for pretty much anything but we’ve also included specialised blades for freshly baked bread or meat & cheese. These three blades offer versatility and make slicing your food so much easier than relying on a manual, mandoline slicer.
  • BLADE GUARD & NON-SLIP FEET – The machine is designed so that the food holder also acts as a blade guard to help keep your fingers safe. The non-slip feet make sure your electric slicing machine stays securely in position on the suitable cutting worktop and the plastic food press with spikes makes cutting even smaller pieces of food easier and safer. Please remember never to touch the blades whilst the machine is plugged in to prevent accidents.
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY – Shop in confidence. Your Andrew James Electric Food Slicer is covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.
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