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Becoming an Automotive Sales Professional: A real world, step-by-step tutorial on achieving success in the Profession of Automotive Sales – Sale Item

Becoming an Automotive Sales Professional: A real world, step-by-step tutorial on achieving success in the Profession of Automotive Sales

Please be aware that because this book is over 300 pages in 8.5×11 format.   Kindle version will have some irregularities as large pages gets formatted to a small Kindle screen.  This in no way affects the content, only the placement of some headings, lists, and various other formatting.
I just reduced the Kindle and the print prices and highly recommend the print version if you wish to use this as a training tool and a text book.  Please contact me should you have any questions or concerns at misekabooks.com
M.I. Seka

An in depth tutorial of what’s required to have a successful career as an automotive sales professional. An extensive table of contents for easy navigation, whether you’re a newbie/green, struggling, or a seasoned professional. 

No matter your level of expertise the information within it’s pages are designed to assist you cut down on the learning curve and to achieve your greatest potential sooner. Reading this book can help you take years off the time needed to truly become a professional and start earning the type of income that only a professional can.  

Thoroughly researched and presented with the most modern techniques to provide you with more information and insight into the profession of automotive sales; as well as general sales than perhaps 15 of the top books on the subject. All topics are presented in an easy-to-digest format with plenty of real world scenarios to help you cut through the clutter, reduce your learning curve and
help you understand reasons behind the concepts.  

Over 300 pages of tips, techniques, and insight. Including over 100 pages of scenario’s with dialogue explaining what the sales advisor should be doing, why, how, and the expected results. 

Although the image of car salesman leaves a lot to be desired, this book is not about being a salesman or having a job. This book is about having a career.  Being a professional in a profession that give you the potential to make more money than your average lawyer, doctor, politician, or a CEO without the expensive education and more importantly time. 

With over 60,000 auto dealerships in the U.S. alone, employing a sales force that is 95% unskilled. Enjoy a six-figure salary, be highly sought after, and have incredible job security in a career as an automotive sales professional. 

The money is out there. The opportunity is out there. The only thing left is you and your ambition/drive. I have outlined not just what you should do, but how and why you should do them. 
Other books or training material will only tell you to do certain things without fully 
explaining why you should do them or how or the expected results. 

* The goal of this book is to help you, the new or average car salesman, that wants more out of life! A successful and profitable career!  

This book contains over 300 pages of in-depth information.   All written in an easy-to-understand format. 

*Over 100 pages of sample dialogue and sales advisor responses.
*Over 100 pages of real world scenarios. 
*Sample questions to ask during every step of the sales process. 
*Ways to find customer’s objections. 
*The importance of communications.
*Rapport building techniques.
*Complete sales process. 
*Keys to success.
*Finding common ground with your clients.
*Proper presentation & demonstration method.
*Information based on experience and skills.
*Help the client sell themselves.
*All written with an easy to understand format.
*General questions to avoid.
*General questions to ask.  


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