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CHshe String Fairy Lights, “Light up the Light of the Night and Life” 20 LED 2M Environment Friendly Energy Saving Hot Sale For Christmas Wedding Party (Purple) – Price Deal

CHshe String Fairy Lights,
Simply use a pair of scissors to cut the light to any length

They are great for decorating wedding venues and wedding tables behind the transparent yarn. Also very suitable for wrapping in branches or soaking in vases

Energy saving and environmental protection

Features bright bright light is not easy to get hot

Perfect for different occasions such as weddings, hotels, commercial buildings, festive decorations, home furnishings, shop windows, clubs, concerts, dance halls, fashion shows, dance halls, stage etc

It will create awesome visual effects on any occasion, feast your eyes

Conversion: 1 inch = 25.4mm or imm = 0.0393 inches

Light Color: Orange \ Purple, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Warm White, Cool White, Multicolor

Cable material: copper

Cable length: 2M

Number of LEDs: 20pc

Battery compartment: 2x coin cell battery (without battery)

Function mode: Always on

Waterproof rating: Ip65

Weight: 25g

Package include:

1x fairy tale light Christmas lights party wedding lights

Thanks for your kind scanning in patience. We hope you will like it.


  • Energy saving, environmental friendly.
  • Features cool bright light which isn’t easy to become hot.
  • It will create awesome visual effects for any occasion and feast your eyes.
  • They are great for decorating wedding venues and behind organza on wedding tables. Also great for coiling around branches or submersing in vases.
  • Perfect for different occasions such as wedding, christmas, halloween hotel, business building, festival ornament, home decoration, shop window, club, concert, singing hall, fashion show, dancing hall, stage and so on.
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