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Your Bachelorette bracket cheat sheet

Before you start reading, I’m going to need you to watch this season highlight reel. Now that you have a taste for all the possible drama that could unfold (here’s what you need to know so far about this season), it’s time to set your fantasy bracket. It’s an integral part of the entire experience that lets you predict the winner, then rage when they don’t win. (Oh, Peter. I put all of my money on you!)

There are different kinds of brackets you can join: Some have cash prizes, some just give you bragging rights, some let you compete against your friends and others drop you in a group of total strangers. You can find any bracket that suits you and what you want to get out of it. But the best part about joining a Bachelorette fantasy league is that you get to be more involved with watching the show, and you don’t have to feel like you’re wasting your time by tuning in for two hours every week.

So instead of letting all of this Bachelorette knowledge go to waste, I figured I’d share it with the world, aka you.

Most of these predictions are from watching that grueling highlight reel from Monday night’s episode and watching badass Becca with her men. I don’t know about you, but that reel made me so anxious I was legit pacing.

Who you should be the most excited about

  • Blake: Blake is cute, and I was convinced he’d win the first-impression rose. Blake and Becca appear to have great chemistry, he seems to genuinely like her, and she seems smitten with him.

    I’m very excited about him. I can’t wait to see their one-on-one date because I could see this relationship developing into something great.

  • Colton: First, Colton has the dog of my dreams. So right there, he should win.

    But I love how devoted he is to his charity, himself and his family. That’s something we know is super important to Becca. We also learn he’s virgin, which always shakes things up.

    He’s pretty cookie-cutter basic but I like where he’s headed and I think Becca needs a little basic in her life after being dumped so publicly by Arie.

  • Lincoln: Wow, this guy has swept me off my feet. First, that accent. Second, his energy is so calm and reassuring.

    I mean, I’ve watched men on this show break from all the energy in the mansion (I’m looking at your Clint and JJ), and he’s such a calm-in-the-storm type. I feel like he’s going to be so devoted to Becca, and a good person for her to lean on.

  • Ryan: Swoon! Who doesn’t love a man with a banjo?

    He made Becca smile on After the Final Rose when they first met, and that was a tough day for her given she just had to face Arie and watch him propose to Lauren. And at the mansion, he kept making her smile all night long. He’s def a keeper and I think he’ll surprise everyone.

  • David: This guy showed up in a chicken suit!

    I love it. He didn’t take himself too seriously, and just wanted “BeKAH” to laugh. She deserved that break, and I’m glad he made her laugh so much.

    She deserves so much fun in her life, and the season opener reminded us of that. Losing her dad, then being dumped on TV means she needs a fun partner.

Clay, Connor, David, Jean Blanc, Nick and Jordan are getting down and dirty soon.

Paul Hebert/ABC

The drama/boys to keep your eye on

  • Garrett: This one’s a puzzler. He won the first-impression rose, and I think it’s because he reminded Becca so much of her departed dad.

    I would say he’s the front-runner, but HuffPost first reported on Monday he had engaged in shady stuff on Instagram. TL;DR: His insta account (which is now shut down and wasn’t verified) reportedly liked posts mocking immigrants and Parkland students. According to HuffPost, ABC has yet to comment.

    But the most notable thing, Bachelorette-wise, is that Garrett is gone from the later half of the season highlight reel and appears missing after Becca is seen sobbing over something someone did. My guess is the dude is not who we think he is, and he’s missing because he gets kicked off. So keep an eye on him.

    Update: Garrett has admitted it was indeed his account and has issued a “formal” apology on his new Instagram.

  • Jean Blanc: I don’t know what it is, but I have my eye on this guy. I can’t explain it, but after six years of watching the Bachelor Nation shows, guys like Jean Blanc always make me uneasy. His confidence is admirable, and his backstory is genuine, of him immigrating to the US at 6, learning English and persevering, but there’s something.

    The way he said things and talked to Becca had me check my gut more than once.

  • Jordan: Clearly this homie needs a reality check. I can’t even deal with him, but we all know he’s the villain. He is def NOT HERE FOR THE RIGHT REASONS (yea, I know I cannot believe I just typed that with a serious face too) and I need him to go.

    He is just too much and instead of making friends in the house, he’s judging them. I know these guys aren’t on this show to make friends, but dude, be nice. Your relationships with the men in the house will get fed back to Becca.

    The only solace I take with him is that it appears he’ll be on the famed two-on-one date where one guy gets dumped, and I’m hoping Becca is gonna dump ? his ? ass ?

The guys who will break badass Becca’s heart

Remains to be seen, but my money’s on Garrett. We’ll have to wait until episode two when all of the personalities really start to shine through. I’ll keep updating as I watch more, and the drama continues.

I know my predictions will change, but let me know who you think makes it to the end.

Tweet me with your predictions, @alexandraable.

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