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Hornby R9807 Modern Bungalow – Special Price

Hornby R9807 Modern Bungalow Hornby R9807 Modern Bungalow Skaledale buildings and accessories bring an atmosphere of life and character to any “OO” model railway. The hand crafted and hand decorated poly resin structures can be positioned on a layout without further enhancement, however just a small amount of weathering can make all the difference. Dimensions 98mm x 102mm x 65mm

Coupon Matrix - Hornby R9807 Modern Bungalow
  • Perfectly scaled model railway buildings.
  • Hornby Skaledale models are wonderfully varied in their designs and styles.
  • A wide choice for any era of model and any location.
  • Dimensions: 98mm x 102mm x 65mm
  • Whatever you choose, you can be assured it will add to the fabulous visual pleasure of any model railway.
Hornby R9807 Modern Bungalow
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