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MENGMI microSD Card SDHC Class 10 UHS-III 16GB U3 high speed memory card (16GB U3) – Price Drop

MENGMI microSD Card SDHC Class 10 UHS-III 16GB U3 high speed memory card (16GB U3) Adventure calling

Incredibly small, the series is ideal for owners of smartphones, tablets and sports and action cameras who are serious about their videos and photography.

Designed to withstand harsh conditions

Built to perform in all conditions, this durable microSD card is waterproof, X-ray proof, shock-proof and temperature-proof


The Mengmi microSD Card comes with a quality ready-to-use SD adapter, which is perfect for use with interchangeable-lens cameras or any other Standard SD card devices.

High Speed

Class 10 speed rating allows you to play/shoot Full HD video and high quality photos. And UHS-III speed rating allows you to shoot 4K video.

Work under tough conditions

Since the cards were specifically designed for outdoor video recording and photography, we made sure they will perform under extreme conditions. That’s why they are shockproof and water-proof.

X-ray proof

No worries at the airport security check or at your sunny vacation destination. The cards are x-ray proof to protect your precious memories.

Capture more

Adding a microSD card lets you store more of your favorite media. For example, with 128 GB you can store 1,920 minutes of video, 30,500 photos or 960 hours of music – all in high quality.

Warranty and Service

Mengmi offers 10 year warranty for all Mengmi microSD cards, you can get full refund or a new card if you would have got defective ones.

*SD, SDHC, microSDHC, SDXC and microSDXC Logos are trademarks of SD-3C, LLC.


FAT32 (microSDHC 16GB-32GB)
exFAT (microSDXC 64GB-256GB)

Storage Space:
16GB = Approximately 14GB-15GB
32GB = Approximately 28GB-30GB
64GB = Approximately 58GB-60GB
128GB = Approximately 115GB-119GB
256GB = Approximately 230GB-240GB
Note: The market conversion for GB to Bytes will be varies

Coupon Matrix - MENGMI microSD Card SDHC Class 10 UHS-III 16GB U3 high speed memory card (16GB U3)
  • 1.[Compatibility]: MENGMI Ultra High Speed microSD U3 supports Backward Compatibility of microSDHC/SD Card Device, Support Higher Speed/Capacity than SDHC SD Card and U1.
  • 2.[Real Capacity and Superior Speed]: MENGMI microSD Card enables you up to storage of 1370pcs pictures with standard of 28MP 6480*4320; capturing and playback with standard of 720p/1080p ultra HD and 4K+ video. It gives you the advantage of ultra-fast read & write speeds of up to 90MB/s & 60MB/s.
  • 3.[Universal]: MENGMI microSD Card 16GB U3 is high-performance for 4K UHD video recording, high resolution pictures, mobile gaming and music, compatible with Android smartphones, tablets and interchangeable-lens cameras.
  • 4.[Quality Safe]: Passed SGS/ROHS/CE. Shock-, temperature-, water-, and X-ray-proof. All MENGMI microSD Cards are best value for money.
  • 5.[10 Year Warranty]: Free replacement for quality-problem within 1-year. 10-year-warranty Professional After-sale Service.
MENGMI microSD Card SDHC Class 10 UHS-III 16GB U3 high speed memory card (16GB U3)
Coupon Matrix

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