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Pokémon Single Card – PIKACHU Generations RADIANT COLLECTION #RC29/RC32 – Reduced

Pokémon Single Card - PIKACHU Generations RADIANT COLLECTION #RC29/RC32 Bulbapedia has this to say: “Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the franchise, the Generations expansion of the Pokemon Trading Card Game was first available in English from February 22, 2016. The Starter Pack, its Japanese equivalent, was released on February 27, 2016. The core English set features a large number of Pokemon from Generation I, consisting of cards from the Japanese Starter Pack, as well as a number of Japanese XY-P Promotional cards. The English release also includes a second Radiant Collection subset, the first of which appeared as part of the Legendary Treasures expansion. Like the first, this Radiant Collection originates from a Japanese Concept Pack, the PokeKyun Collection, released only a month before. Generations features 16 Pokemon-EX, 4 of which are Mega Evolution Pokemon. The full set includes the 83 regular cards plus the Radiant Collection 32 card subset (separately numbered with the prefix RC), bringing the English total of cards available to 115. Each pack contains 10 random cards, which comprise 8 cards from the core Generations set and 2 from the Radiant Collection subset. Unlike regular expansions, Generations booster packs could not be purchased individually from booster boxes. Instead, they were only available in special 20th Anniversary-related items of merchandise, which included Mythical Pokemon Collections and Red & Blue Collections. Each Mythical Pokemon Collection comes packaged with 2 Generations packs, in addition to a special Full Art promotional card and collector’s pin featuring 1 of the 11 Mythical Pokemon available as part of the 20th Anniversary distributions during 2016. The Mythical Pokemon Collection-Mew was the first of these products available from February 22, 2016, concluding with the Mythical Pokemon Collection-Meloetta in December 2016, mirroring the distributions. Each of the 4 Red & Blue Collection boxes available throughout 2016 contain 4 Generations packs.”

Coupon Matrix - Pokémon Single Card - PIKACHU Generations RADIANT COLLECTION #RC29/RC32
  • The item for sale here is a single card from the Generations expansion of the Pokémon TCG.
Pokémon Single Card – PIKACHU Generations RADIANT COLLECTION #RC29/RC32
Coupon Matrix

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